Recovery and More

At the beginning of the month I had surgery for the first time ever. The hospital staff was amazing and I was able to go home the same day. After almost two weeks of recovery, it’s been an overall positive experience. Although it did solidify in my mind that I would never want elective surgery, such as plastic surgery. No, thanks! Well, unless I was deformed in a horrible accident or something…Anyways…

Hospital selfie – before surgery
Luke keeping me company while I rest.
Scott got me some flowers for Mother’s Day this year 😀 Makes me feel special! He’s also been doing a great job keeping up on the household chores while I’ve been recovering.

Earlier this week, Scott and I got to visit the middle school that Damien will be attending next year for 6th Grade. I think it looks like a great school and that Damien is going to like it, as much as he ever likes school. It’ll be a little bit of an adjustment dealing with lockers and switching classrooms, but I’m confident that Damien will do just fine. It’s really been hitting me lately how fast Damien is growing up. He’s not a little kid anymore and I wasn’t expecting to feel so nervous about it.

Scott and Damien have been playing World of Warcraft together when they can.
I had Damien try on my bathrobe and it’s not as overly big as I thought it would be lol
The moment I realized that Damien’s 10 year old feet were catching up in size with mine!

Luke continues to be a rambunctious cat.

Super cute cuddle time 😀 Why do cats always look so comfy?
We continue to keep that ugly box in the living room since Luke still uses it.
Luke LOVES his neck and chest rubbed so he makes sure you get good access, haha
Damien working on a video game, with Luke’s assistance.
Luke supervising Damien’s creations.
We bought a bird feeder for the back deck.
So Luke can sit and watch the birds. He likes it!
I’ve been opening up windows in the evenings to try to cool down the house and Luke has been doing a lot of sprinting around, sometimes even growling and jumping off of furniture. Scott says it’s the fresh air lol

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