Happy Easter and Anniversary!

We’ve had an eventful month so far, starting with Easter 😀

Dyeing Easter eggs
Damien decorating one of his eggs
We made shark eggs! Here’s Damien’s Great White Shark egg! So cute!
Scott’s cyclops egg lol
Our school of sharks. The glitter glue I tried to use actually took off the dye so a couple sharks didn’t make it…
Our shark egg display
For Easter this year we got Damien a Star Wars basket, a solid chocolate bunny, and Monopoloy for the Nintendo Switch (Scott was supposed to take a picture but forgot). He also received a cute card and a McDonald’s gift card from Great Grandma and Tom–thanks!
Damien was super excited to use some of his money to buy a book at the school book fair.
Lazy bums lol
Damien got a haircut! Unfortunately I’m only able to do one-length haircuts with clippers so Damien has to go to a barber for this style.
It snowed earlier this week lol It’s okay though, we still had a mild winter and it’s already almost melted.

Today Scott and I celebrated our 16th wedding anniversary! We both took the day off from work and spent the day shopping around town. We didn’t see too much out there that we wanted to buy but it was nice to just wander around and spend time together. We also ate lunch at Red Lobster which is where we had our first date–yum!

While walking around the mall we saw that the elementary schools had artwork displays so we decided to see if anything of Damien’s was posted. His piece is the reptile eye 🙂

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