Spring is here!

It feels like so much has happened since the last time I posted. Feels like there’s always a long to-do list, whether at home or work. I’m also spending more time in the office now and things are starting to move towards normalcy (although not fast enough). I’m definitely ready for a relaxing vacation of some sort. Still kicking around ideas.

I’m very happy spring is already here. For the exception of two weeks of windchill advisories in Feb, the winter was mild. Unfortunately there was never enough snow to go sledding and try out Damien’s new sled, but there’s always next year. We’ve already watched Star Wars Episodes 1-5. I’m not even sure how many more movies there are…4 maybe?

Damien is doing well academically in school, but is having some issues behaviorally. I’m very impressed with the teachers at his school so I think he’s in the best environment he can be. We’ll probably be trying a new medication this summer to help more with focus for when he starts middle school next year. He’s also been spending a lot of time working on his comic books. I’m told he’s writing a story on his school chromebook that I’ll need to get my hands on at some point. I know the word “cat” is in the title so I’m very interested!

Damien doing his treasure shark dig that he received for Christmas. I don’t know what happened, but the pictures and videos I took for this are GONE except for this one. It’s very upsetting because now I think I may be missing more.

Luke is like the cat version of Damien lol. Super energenic, clumsy, playful, and demanding. We’ve had his claws trimmed twice now and it’s definitely something we’ll have to continue. It saves the furniture AND our bodies from daily scratches.

My favorite way to spend the evening
On high alert
He’s getting so big! He’ll be 1 years old in May.
Lounging around
Damien and Luke love to play around
More playful fun
I found some new coasters!
Nosy neighbors
Scott and Damien surprised me for Valentine’s Day!! So sweet!!
Damien, the actor
Such a character, haha
Damien’s Valentine’s box for school
Can you spot Luke in this picture?
How about this one?
A little harder now…How about now?
Damien is sometimes exhausted after school and takes long naps
Cute little spy 😀
Luke still loves his string. He pulls hard too!
Luke’s new toy. We’ve NEVER spent so much on cat toys before. He’s so spoiled.
Decided to try out “cat tv”. He seems to really enjoy hearing bird sounds too.
Grandpa Hanks sent Damien a shark mask and he LOVES it!
Sizing each other up lol

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