Happy New Year!

We’re almost two weeks into the new year and things are great. We’re having such a mild winter and I’m loving it so much. I’ll start off this post with highlights from us enjoying many of our Christmas presents!

Starting off with Star Wars Episode I using our Disney+ subscription.
Yeah…Damien fell asleep during it LOL He only slept through maybe 20 minutes of it. We’ve already watched the first 2 movies of the series.
Damien’s been using his new reading pillow to play games on his phone. I will say I totally expected him to be texting more than he does. Guess he has better things to do.
The awesome burrito blanket–washed and dried!
The shark cup works great to keep his toothbrush off of the counter.
Damien asked MULTIPLE times a day to eat his giant Hersey’s kiss. He was OBSSESSED!
In case you wanted to know what it looked like on the inside. Much to Damien’s annoyance, I didn’t allow him to eat it all in one sitting lol
Trying out the VR headset with some sort of treasure game
Now for the adults! Our entryway doesn’t have storage or a closet which leads to everything piling up by the door. It especially makes it hard in the wintertime with all of the winter gear and I have to store the majority of it in other places around the house.
Ta-da! A new “closet” and shoe rack! I don’t have to look at the mess AND I can store everything together by the entryway! 😀 We also bought some things like new pot holders, pots and pans and cutting boards that we needed.
I would argue that Scott did NOT need a new computer, but try telling that to Scott.
I made a meme of Luke “troubleshooting” haha!
Finished building the new computer. I think he’s still waiting on one more part? Honestly I can’t remember…

Now for a very naughty kitty! Oh boy. Luke still excessively uses his claws, not only on the furniture, but on our skin as well. So many painful cuts! We’ll be getting his claws trimmed soon. He also chews on paper, cardboard, strings, and some plastics. He also out of nowhere started playing in his water bowl. He basically splashes most, if not all, of the water out of his bowl. We’ve tried different dishes and raising the bowls up a little bit but nothing has worked so far. So dumb. Doesn’t he know he needs water to live?!

I stopped recording only to stop him for completely emptying his bowl…
My new computer chair I just bought last year after we moved here 🙁
The living room curtains from Luke’s many climbing sessions…

But of course, there is some good too…

They say cats are liquid.
This string is the only toy that makes Luke pant from exhaustion after playing with it.
Licking Damien’s hair after school
On Damien’s first day back to school after winter break (and first day back to face-to-face learning after over a month), he was VERY tired and cranky so he wrapped himself up in a blanket on the floor. Luke brought him his tabby and was checking up on him!
The best cuddles
Luke was all cuddled up with me until Damien sat down and then he left me…Traitor!
Cat fishing LOL!!!
The rowdy brothers
Damien made me a picture for Christmas with paint and markers–so cute! I love it!

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