Merry Christmas!!!

What an end to a crazy year! It didn’t really even feel like Christmas until Christmas Eve. Truthfully we’ve been very fortunate given the circumstances. We’ve stayed healthy, we’ve kept a steady income, and Damien has really grown and matured this year. I can honestly say that I couldn’t ask for anything more.

Damien and I making sugar cookies 🙂
We had a lot of fun cookie cutters to use
Ready to decorate!
Plates from left to right: Sarah, Damien, and Scott. Damien mixed red and green frosting together to try to make brown for his “poop” emoji cookie LOL
Rob and Robin sent us a cute Balsam wreath this year. Looks great on the front door! Thank you!
Sleepy Christmas kitty
On Christmas Eve, we had root beer floats.
Christmas morning has arrived! We couldn’t put out the gifts the night before because Luke would have ripped up the wrapping paper.
I started taking pictures, but ultimately decided to just do a video of Damien opening his presents. Here is Damien opening up computer speakers from Great Grandma and Grandpa Whitehill.
Damien just wanted to wear his VR headset…even though he can’t play anything yet.
Damien with his first cell phone! That’s not an error…it was 0 degrees on Christmas Day lol
First order of business–be wrapped up like a burrito!!!
He’s so happy!
Luke didn’t know what to do with all paper at his disposal.
The gift breakdown for Damien (Thanks!):
From Great Grandma and Great Grandpa Whitehill: Computer speakers, a squishy soap making kit, and a giant Hersey’s kiss
From Great Grandma and Tom: A shark treasure dig and a snow sled (can’t wait for more snow to try it out!)
From Grandpa Whitehill: A VR headset and a GooglePlay giftcard
From Grandma and Grandpa Hanks: A reading pillow, a shark bathroom cup holder, and a burrito blanket
From Mom and Dad: A cell phone with a case and 6-months of Disney+ streaming service with a box of movie snacks
After we got contacts entered into Damien’s cell phone, he really enjoyed texting 😀
Immediately following the excitement of gift opening, Scott fell asleep for about 2 hours…He can sleep through just about anything.
The reading pillow outside of the box. Looks great!
Luke was investigating the strange noises coming from the computer speakers.
Damien playing around
Damien wanted to wrap Luke up like a burrito too, haha

We had such a wonderful Christmas this year. Thank you to everyone who sent something! Damien absolutely LOVED everything he received. Merry Christmas!!!

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