I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas…Not Really

Less than one week until Christmas! We’ve had an abnormally warm winter so far. It’s only snowed a little bit with some rather warm temperatures for this time of year–I love it! Of course I know the bitter cold is right around the corner, but I’m enjoying it while it lasts.

I’m happy to report that Damien has been doing AWESOME this round of distance learning. After figuring things out for the first week, Damien is pretty much able to work independently for the school day to include completing/submitting his schoolwork and attending his scheduled zoom sessions on time. He’s even able to keep track of the time himself! So impressive!

Luke hanging outside of Damien’s bedroom door while Damien’s “in school”

After some back and forth, Damien has officially quit Taekwondo. He had wanted to quit twice previously, but both of those times he decided to stick with it. This time though we decided we’re done after about 4.5 months. He was two weeks out from belt testing for his camo belt and had two belt stripes on his yellow belt. He did really like it and his new class was way more interesting and upbeat, but I feel like it was scheduled at the time of day where he just wanted to relax. It’s unfortunate because it was great for exercise, conditioning, coordination, precision, and focus. He was getting really good too! Sometimes his form would be better than some of the higher belts in his class. I’m disappointed, but I understand. The last thing I want to do is to fight with Damien every time we go.

Damien’s last class

The struggle continues with Luke. Luke the Destroyer. I originally erected the big tree sans ornaments to see if Luke would leave it alone. Nope! I even put some lemon zest underneath the tree thinking it would deter him since cats are not supposed to like citrus scents. Nope. So I took it down and decided to try for the smaller tree instead. Scott suggested putting aluminum foil underneath since it worked so well to keep him off of the kitchen counters. It surprisingly worked, which is still weird to me. Wish I would have tried it with the big tree!

Luke investigating, but that’s as close as he gets 😀
Damien reading his Christmas card from Great Grandma and Tom. He also got a McDonald’s gift card for a treat–yum!
Luke’s new toy
Cat beds aren’t designed for Luke’s preferred sleeping style.
I finally got a picture of Luke’s lower lip. It’s funny to me because it makes it look like his mouth is open sometimes when it’s not.
Relaxing after Damien’s evening shower
I thought it was a cute pic of my boys 🙂

Since the pandemic kicked off back in March, I really haven’t been exercising like I should. It’s really been a huge challenge for me. Plus, I haven’t changed my eating habits and have been eating more than I should, so I’ve been steadily gaining weight this whole time. Ugh! Going to the gym is more of a hassle than ever because of all of the extra COVID19 requirements, and I work from home a lot so it doesn’t make sense to drive to the base. After much consideration, I finally bought myself a VERY basic treadmill. I’ve only walked on it so far, but I hope to build up to running soon. The AF has pushed their PT tests back to April 2021 so I need to be ready by then.

My new treadmill

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