Summertime Fun

Damien has been on summer break now for almost a month! We signed him up for an 8-week summer program that runs Monday through Friday for a few hours a day and it’s been perfect. He gets to run around and play with his new friends and goes to the pool twice a week.

Fun with filters LOL
Scott bought a fancy new wedge pillow designed for side sleepers to help with the GERD. And the best part–it works!
Scott took this picture. It’s like he’s looking right at you.
The birthday girl and boy! (From back in May)
I found another picture of us on Scott’s phone from March.
We bought Luke some salmon to enjoy on his 1st birthday this year. Damien has some boundary issues lol
Luke drags his string around the house and cries!
Luke’s own personal jungle
Luke was terrified of this at first, but now really enjoys it!
The things we put up with for our pets…Luke has ripped up several areas. We did buy some carpet protectors designed for doorways which seem to have helped. Lately Luke has been waking Damien up in the early hours of the morning to feed him so we bought one of those motion sensor air things and that has worked amazingly well. Damien needs his sleep!

I don’t have all of the pictures from the trip, but Grandma and Tom paid us a visit earlier this month! It’s the first time we’ve had visitors here at the house and we finally got to use our guest room. We had such a nice time and we all wished they could have stayed a little longer. Can’t wait to do it again! If only flying/driving wasn’t such a pain…

Damien and Great Grandma 😀

We went to the Grand Forks Fair this year. I believe this was Damien’s first carnival and he had a great time. We saw a pig race with the cutest little piglets, ate funnel cake, and rode rides (well Scott and Damien did). The weather was a little bit hot when we arrived, but ended up being perfect later in the evening.

Scoping out the rides
One of those spinning rides. I watched safely from the side, of course.
This was the most intense ride that Scott and Damien rode. Damien was scared at first, but by the end of the ride he was okay with it.
Damien won a prize at one of the carnival games!
Damien and I on the ferris wheel 🙂
Pic from the top of the ferris wheel