Happy 10th Birthday, Damien!!!


The birthday boy on his birthday, getting ready for his 3rd day of school.
I had to get a picture together before work 🙂 Later we rented the Sonic the Hedgehog movie and ordered pizza since it was a school night.
Birthday celebrations commenced on Saturday!
A new water bottle to bring with him to school since they’re not allowed to use the drinking fountains.
An alien-themed gem dig kit
A gift card to the eShop to pick out a new Nintendo game of his choice
Shark shower curtain–AAAHHHhh!
A new ipad case (Old one is damaged so the ipad will fall out sometimes. Plus, it’s GREEN)
Opening presents
Shark-tooth dig kit
Beach bath mat
A water gun to go with an outdoor pool…too bad it’s already getting cold outside!
A new sweatshirt. It’s already dropped below 32 degrees once already this month… We also got him a few more pairs of pants and a new jacket. He’s growing like a weed!
The curtain and mat together in his bathroom. Super cute! The mat was too long, but is being exchanged for the right size.
A comfy Roblox pillow
A coat rack so Damien doesn’t throw his clothes all over the floor or couch

I didn’t take a video of the gift-opening and completely forgot to get a picture of everything together, but here’s the breakdown:

From Great Grandma and Great Grandpa Whitehill: An insulated water bottle for school

From Great Grandma and Tom: A Roblox pillow case and pillow, a water bottle for home, and an alien-themed gem dig kit

From Grandma and Grandpa Hanks: A shark shower curtain, beach bathroom mat, and shark-tooth dig kit

From Mom and Dad: A water gun, a small outdoor pool, an ipad case, clothes, a coat rack, and a $35 gift card for a video game

Thank you so much from Damien! He really loved everything!

Time for cake! A BURGER cake! LOL!!
Thinking of a wish…
Damien’s favorite pastime…eating and watching videos on his tablet.

Damien had a great 10th birthday 😀

Damien, The 5th Grader

Damien started 5th Grade on 31 August and after almost two weeks, everything seems to be going well with the in-person learning. It’s been such a strange school year already. We’ve never met the teacher and only saw a YouTube video where she introduced herself. Parents/visitors aren’t allowed to go inside the school, and each Grade has a designated arrival/departure door and waiting area. So when Damien is dropped off in the morning, he stands in a line outside of the school and waits until 0820 until a teacher allows them inside the building through their Grade level’s door. And after school they all file out of their door and wait until the parents arrive. I still don’t understand what they’re planning to do in the winter months. Of course there are lots of extra rules and procedures inside of the school too like socially-distanced seating in the classrooms and lunchrooms, sanitization stations around the school, and required mask-wear when not separated.

Overall I truly feel like Damien is so much happier being back in school and around other kids. He’s such a social butterfly! Oh, and he likes his teacher too! She even wrote me a message at the end of this week that said, “Damien has been a joy to have in the classroom. He has been working very hard!” Can’t get any better than that! The ONLY concern is how tired Damien is on school nights, especially around dinner time and even MORE when he has Taekwondo. We’re waiting to see if after a few weeks he adjusts to the new schedule.

First day of 5th Grade!!!
He’s so ready!
Damien is excited to learn how to use nunchuks! And he has a patch now on his uniform from when he earned orange belt.