The Newest Orange Belt!

Damien has been working hard all month to be able to test for the next belt, the orange belt.

He earned his fourth stripe! READY TO TEST!

Today was belt testing day. I know Damien was a tiny bit nervous, but overall VERY excited. And he did so well! He even did a great job sounding-off. I could hear him over all of the noise!

Lining up for testing. Damien in the far back so it wasn’t easy to be pictures or videos.
Side kick demonstration
So proud!
After every class they say an oath about being respectful
Class photo


We enrolled Damien in Taekwondo and he’s been going three times a week for the past two weeks. So far, he LOVES it. He’s super motivated and focused and I see this being a great activity for him. It also teaches so much about respect and Damien has really taken to that concept as well. At home he’s been a lot better about self-correcting his behavior. Exercise, social interaction, and confidence building with a side of positive attitude–yes, please!

Damien’s first session!
He looks like Elvis here LOL!
Showing off his weapon

Below are pictures after two weeks of sessions. He has two of the four belt stripes and he’s preparing for a belt test at the end of the month. He also made a friend! He always wants to go into the building early just so he can talk to HER. And they even make it a point to say bye to each other when class is over. It’s so cute!

Throwing a punch
This is their listening stance. They’re getting instructions for the next series of moves.
Front kick–HI-YA!

Home Visit

Damien and I spent two weeks in Dickinson as soon as I got the “all-clear” from work to travel. I was a little nervous about the drive but everything went well. We definitely enjoyed spending time with the family. And it was a much needed break from work! Grandpa Dave took Damien fishing a couple times which is what Damien had been asking to do for months…although towards the end of the trip Damien was rather moody. I’ll have to keep that in mind for future trips that a shorter duration might be ideal. I’m sure it was a mixture of a lot of factors such as a recent medication change and all of the isolation from other kids and other adjustments due to the COVID19 pandemic. It’s been hard on all of us. I’m so thankful to have been able to visit my parents and brother this summer. So close, yet so far away!

Damien and I went to a Kids Fair in Dickinson. Damien even got a free meal!
Dunk tank. He succeeded too!
Shooting game
Birthday cake snow cone! A surprisingly tasty flavor
Playing around with sparklers! I need to ask my Dad to send me more pics from the trip so I can post them too.
The day after Damien and I returned home, there was a heat advisory during the day followed by a severe thunderstorm at night that took out ANOTHER part of our backyard tree…
The damage

And thank you to my parents for a nice trip! They always go out of their way to make Damien and I feel special and loved 🙂