Summer Activities

It’s finally starting to feel like summer! Not only has it been very hot in the low to mid-90s, but we’re starting to get out there more as pandemic conditions improve. Of course there’s still the concern of a second wave, but we’re being careful and it feels good to be out and about.

After searching for a while, we FINALLY found Damien a bike! He went from an 18 in to a 24 in and he’s doing so well.
Taking it for a test drive!
Damien modeling his new swim wear
Cooling off in the pool 😀 Happiest. Kid. Ever. LOL
I took Damien to a Karate class orientation to see if it was something he’d want to start. He loved it and wants to continue! He was very focused and put in maximum effort. I was very proud of him. I feel he really needs something like this in his life.
We finally went on our first family bike ride EVER!!! So much fun! I didn’t get any pictures of us riding because well, I was riding too.
The 4th of July festival was cancelled this year due to COVID19, but they still had the fireworks show. And much to our enjoyment, we have the PERFECT viewing spot from our back deck!
I don’t usually post pictures or videos of fireworks, but I wanted to show off our awesome view.