Another Month of Virtual School with Easter and an Anniversary

We still haven’t quite figured out a routine for our new normal yet. It’s been harder than I thought, but overall we’re all still fine. Making it work!

At the beginning of April we got 5-8 inches of snow!
Mid-April we got another dusting of snow. At least it melted quickly…We’re FINALLY getting into the 50s and 60s and I’m starting to see green grass!

Virtual school continues to be a challenge for everyone. Damien has issues with starting for the day or whenever there’s a break and he also is very emotional when it’s time to learn something new. Or really anything he doesn’t want to do or anything that he feels is taking too long. However, Damien is enjoying the daily “Mystery State” assignment where it gives you a few facts about a state and you have to figure out which state it is. He’s currently working on long division and just finished his Book Club book. When he actually tries and focuses he’s very capable. Scott and I are taking turns sitting with Damien during his schoolwork, working around our own work schedules. Just five more weeks of school left–woot! I’m also happy to report that the public schools are going to be reducing the amount of school work for the remaining weeks in addition to having a very limited amount to do on Fridays. For context, we spend 3-5 hours a day, Mon-Fri, on schoolwork.

Damien working on his Chromebook
Damien in one of his classroom meetings. It’s nice for everyone to be able to see each other. His teacher had made herself into a pickle. Damien was OBSESSED! I don’t think he was even paying attention to anything else.
Damien’s class has a weekly “Lunch Bunch” where they can sign into video chat and all eat lunch together and talk. Here’s Damien showing off his burrito lol

We didn’t do very much for Easter this year. Well, not that we typically do very much…

Damien’s happy about his Easter card and money from Great Grandma and Tom
Scott picked out a few things so Damien could have an Easter basket. There’s a fishing game, chocolate Easter bunny, and two of those little “gem dig” type things that Damien loves so much.
Damien playing his fishing game

We’ve been trying to help keep Damien entertained since he’s been spending weeks on end in the house. Oh, and he also lost another tooth AND he has another one loose since my last post!

Damien and I made cupcakes 🙂 He’s eating sprinkles.
We all competed in an egg dropping contest. From left to right, it’s Scott’s, Sarah’s, and Damien’s eggs.
Scott is helping Damien build his egg protector.
Time to test it out!
Here is my design…it didn’t work lol
And the winner is…Scott! Of course…because he used bubble wrap
We made a submarine out of cardboard for Damien to play in. It’s the U.S.S. SWAT!
Damien and I put together a 3D wood puzzle of R2-D2
Damien seeing what’s inside his Fire & Ice “gem dig”.
Peeling off the outer layer to reveal…
A Minotaur!
Damien is browning hamburger for chili. Such a great helper when he wants to be.
This past week it was FINALLY warm enough outside for Damien to ride his bike. He’s gone on two bike rides already! I walk/jog while he rides. I need to get my bike ready so I can ride too!

Lastly, Scott and I celebrated our 15-year anniversary this month! SOOOO crazy! Since we couldn’t do much, we got take-out from Texas Roadhouse, yum! We were planning to go to Las Vegas this summer, but that’s no longer an option. Some day!

Our very first couch (used, I might add) in our very first apartment together versus our current home with our latest couch.
15 years later!

Strange Times

Homeschooling officially started yesterday. Damien tends to argue and whine and I tend to lose my patience. It’s a huge adjustment for all of us. He seems to calm down and work better after we’ve been working a little bit so I don’t know if we should start a little later in the day (currently starting at 9) or if it just takes him a little bit to get going. I also wish he could work a little bit more independently. He seems to get stuck a lot even though he read the instructions which I find frustrating…But then I remember that he’s a child and maybe in school they are providing more guidance. Plus I remember countless people I’ve worked with over the years that couldn’t follow the simplest of instructions so there’s that, haha.

Getting out of the house the other day on an exploration walk! Seeing if the catch-and-release pond near our house is still frozen. It is!
Damien wanted to prank Scott on April Fool’s Day. We settled on a harmless in-op mouse prank. The most fun was preparing for it. Our honorable mention pics are below LOL
Baby dogs, maybe?
Flying foxes!
Hippie cats
Stylin’ sheep
Hungry mice
Thirsty…I don’t know what animal…a cat?
The choosen prank pic!
Gotta practice good hygiene!
We’ve got the blues…
Feelin’ yucky…
Stick ’em up!
Did I tell you the time…?
I’d eat whatever these two made. They look so professional!
Too cool for school
Hot ramen!
In other news, Damien lost a tooth!

Aside from the transition into homeschooling, another reason this feels like a strange time is the dang weather. Not only is there a flood warning in effect due to snow melting and the river rising, we’re expecting to get 4-8 inches of snow today!!! WTF? I was looking forward to spring…

Taken April 1st…knowing it’s going to snow today *sigh*