Winter Break Is Over

Damien is back in school today, but I think he had a pretty awesome winter break. He spent countless hours playing video games and watching TV, but he also starting writing a screenplay for a movie he wants to make. It’s called “A New World” and the main character’s name is Dave. He says it’s going to be rated PG-13 because it’ll have inappropriate stuff in it. Damien has about two pages written so far and he definitely enjoys the potty humor. And as a family we went to go see Frozen II in theaters which Damien and I really enjoyed.

We went through quite the winter storm last weekend. I’m not 100% sure how much snow Grand Forks got total, but the base got 13.5 inches on Sunday. Lots of snow and wind!

Taken early Sunday morning
Sunday night after they plowed the street
My worker bee!
Even with the snow blower, it took quite a bit of time on Monday to clear out the driveway and walkways. I can’t believe we debated getting a snowblower thinking we might not use it!
While Scott cleared out the bulk of the snow with the snowblower, Damien and I played in the yard
We decided to dig out a snow tunnel
Taken from our street. I wonder how much more snow we’ll get?
The sidewalks on our street
Damien opening his treasure dig gift
A fire dragon! With shoes…
On New Year’s Eve, we took Damien out sledding for the first time! He had so much fun! Definitely a highlight of the winter break
And of course the worst part about sledding? Walking back up the hill!
Taking a break