Merry Christmas 2019!

We just spent our first Christmas in North Dakota and it was very nice. To my surprise, Damien is handling the winter like a champ. Scott on the other hand is experiencing “new levels of cold” lol. But overall we’re doing great. Damien has off a week and a half from school and I’m getting a lot of time off too. Now if only I had the energy to be productive…

The wintry view from my kitchen window
Scott and I are ready for my Squadron holiday party’s ugly sweater contest. Photo by Damien
Taken on the first official day of winter, but Grand Forks didn’t care to wait. Quite a bit of snow so far with a few wind chill advisories. Oh and a winter storm projected for this weekend…
This year we got Damien a Mario castle gingerbread house to decorate
Damien decorating his side of the castle
The finished product! And Scott decorated the cute mushroom cookie.
This was the side I decorated. I felt it needed icicles to match the outdoors.
For whatever reason during winter break from school Damien just can’t seem to stay awake!
Ready for Christmas morning!
Damien made gifts for Scott and me this year–I love them!
A new board game to play! It even has Grand Forks in it!
To recap:
From Grandpa Whitehill – a gaming chair
From Great Grandma and Grandpa Whitehill – a build-it-yourself pump-action ball shooter, a 3lb chocolate bar, an emoji snow ball maker and a snow digger
From Great Grandma and Tom – a Minecraft water bottle, a shark wubble ball, a treasure dig, and whoopee cushions
From Grandma and Grandpa Hanks – a North Dakota monopoly board game and a crash mat (pictured below)
From Mom and Dad – Plants vs Zombies for PC, a Lego set, the Harry Potter complete movie set, and boxer briefs
His first time experiencing the joys of the whoopee cushion
Damien went absolutely wild with the whoopee cushions. He LOVED them! So much so that he popped the first one in under 30 minutes after opening presents and the second one later that same evening. He was pretty bummed lol
Damien testing out his new gaming chair and new video game
Damien with his cute shark wubble and 3lb chocolate bar. I’m kind of confused that the chocolate wasn’t already scored.
And due to delayed shipping, the last gift has arrived! The crash mat from Grandma and Grandpa Hanks! Now Damien can get out some more energy indoors during these winter months!