We moved to Grand Forks, North Dakota!

It’s been a very busy (and expensive) two months for us as we’ve relocated to Grand Forks, ND.

It took two full days for the movers to pack all of our belongings and load it up on a truck. About 7,600 lbs worth of stuff!
We spent our last week in Virginia with the Millikens who are always excellent hosts. JR only seems to do all position with Scott, haha.
Scott and I took the full 5 days authorized to drive from Virginia to North Dakota. I’m glad we had the time because it was exhausting. But overall it couldn’t have gone any better. Scott did most of the driving.

Damien spent two months of the summer with my parents. He learned how to ride his bike without training wheels, went fishing, and learned countless other things. Damien is very quick to let me know when he already knows something lol. Scott and I are really grateful to have had the time to pack and travel while Damien was having a great time with his grandparents. It was a long time apart, but it worked out so well.

Now that the three of us are back together again, we’ve been busy being new homeowners, buying a new-to-us older vehicle, registering Damien for school, and trying to keep Damien entertained. That last one isn’t working out so well. He HATES going to stores, even if it’s to look at something for him. And our household goods won’t be delivered for another week! I’ve also been trying to wrap my head around my new job at work. My team seems great, but I’m not as familiar with the technical side as I’d like to be. SOOOOO much to learn.

We stayed in a hotel upon arrival to Grand Forks until the house was good to go. Here’s Damien enjoying the hotel pool. I had to take him every night!
Damien made a friend who threw the football to him as he jumped in. Must have done this a thousand times lol
Our new home!!!
Getting Damien set up on my Surface Pro to play Roblox lol
Living room setup until our belongings arrive
Scott and Damien play fighting in the basement living area. We haven’t figured out what to call it yet. Basement living room? Second living room? Den? Bonus room? Family Room?
Damien’s new school looks amazing!
The three of us explored the paths next to our neighborhood and found this nice pond with ducks and fish. And Damien rode his bike. I love how they have nice, wide sidewalks here for walking and bike riding.

We’re still settling into the new area, but so far we really like it. I think we will be happy here. I can’t wait until the next time I get to see my parents. They’re both the best!