Damien’s Final Days in Virginia

We’re getting closer and closer to our move date! It’s so exciting, but there’s still so much to do. Damien has finished the Third Grade. I don’t have his final report card yet, but I’m pretty sure he dropped down to a C in Reading. He’s been so excited about summer vacation that it was hard for him to continue to focus on his schoolwork. Plus, reading has always been a struggle for him. It was hard for me too!

The awesome shark shirt from Aunt Danielle!
Still working away on one of Damien’s Christmas presents
Finally finished! Katrina should be a cat model lol

Since we’re moving away from the coast, we figured it would be nice to get in a couple of beach days!

We went to Grandview beach for Memorial Day weekend with Damien’s friend, Brom, and his family.
Damien always wants to build a sandcastle, but never has the focus to build more than a couple of towers before destroying it. And by destroying it I mean punching it.
Brom and Damien
Last weekend we all went to Ft Monroe beach with the Millikens. Scott is resting lol
Damien and Sarah playing
Digging a big hole to bury Damien
Here’s me relaxing while the others dig the hole 🙂
My happy boy!
Damien helping bury Sarah in the sand
Damien was happily throwing wet sand in his face…repeatedly…*sigh*