Winter Months

It looks like the blog site has updated and changed a bunch of options, but I’m figuring it out. Not sure how different it’s going to look on the site itself.

Nothing terribly exciting has happened since Christmas. I applied for a special duty position in Minot, ND, but it was denied. I didn’t know at the time I applied that the Career Field Manager just isn’t releasing anyone from my career field due to low manning and retention issues. Such a let down. I’m still looking into options, but it’s not looking good.

Experimenting with the perler beads
Damien is scoping out my laughing/crying “frog” while making Pikachu wearing a hat.
The final products!
Damien LOVES the various dig kits so he wanted to do it right away.
At least he’s old enough to do most of the digging himself.
This particular kit came with a little figure to assemble and hidden treasure. It was pretty neat.
After New Year’s I had some time off of work so Scott and I got haircuts and mani/pedis together.
Apparently Damien still fits in his Pikachu pajamas from a couple years ago.
Getting some fresh air and exercise at Huntington Park
Scott and I needed some exercise too so we brought a Frisbee and soccer ball.
Nice throw!
Scott was able to score us tickets to see How to Train Your Dragon 3 in theater three whole weeks before release. Damien is a big fan of the series.
My attempt at meal prepping my lunches for the week. So I cooked up everything on a Sunday and added lettuce and salsa later. It felt like a lot of work, but it’s an option I guess.
Damien received all As and Bs for the second quarter of the school year! He also passed both CSAs (96% on the Math one) and had perfect attendance. He’s doing so well!
Scott moved around furniture in the living room the other day and apparently that ignited something in Katrina. She was so playful and energetic. I wish I got a video.
Damien’s first pair of slippers. He’s busy watching TV…