Happy Halloween 2018

We had a nice Halloween this year. The weather was absolutely PERFECT. Every year there seems to be less and less residents handing out candy in our immediate area so this year we decided to venture out to the Officer Housing instead. It was a success! Damien picked Freddy from Five Nights at Freddy’s for his costume. I don’t know a lot about it personally, but the characters are these scary animatronics that jump scare you. Damien LOOOOOVES a good jump scare…when it’s not him, of course.

Trying on his Freddy costume
Scary, haha
A better look at Freddy’s face
We had issues in previous years with the paint flaking off the pumpkins so we used a primer this year. It worked much better!
Damien painting the Creeper face using his Creeper as a reference
Damien’s Creeper pumpkin is complete 🙂
Our cute pumpkins! I painted the ‘love’ emoji face and Scott did the watermelon one…with my help.
Katrina is modeling my Halloween decorations so nicely. I even got a new Fall wreath this year. Exciting, right?!
The grocery store’s weekly ad had these cute Halloween foods in them and I was motivated to try it myself. And then I remembered that it’s a lot more work. Who has the time?
Freddy is ready for Trick-or-Treating!
Picking out some tasty treats
This house had a pretty neat display, although you can’t really see the dummy trapped underneath the car in this pic. 
Damien rewarding himself with some candy while Katrina strikes her signature pose

And lastly, ever since we’ve returned from the evacuation, Damien has been very affectionate towards Katrina. They used to ignore each other, but now Damien feeds her and pets her. He’ll even get up from his games to pet her in between matches. Sometimes she loiters around his computer to get some extra attention.

Katrina knows how to get extra pettins’ haha