First Week of Third Grade

Damien started Third Grade on Tuesday! Since Scott will be home now, Damien is now a bus rider to AND from school. Damien loves this because it gives him more time at home to play games, plus he wasn’t very happy the last couple weeks at the Youth Center Summer Camp because there was a girl named Sophia who kept bothering him. I’m also happy to report that I absolutely love Damien’s teacher this year so I think it’s going to be a great year. So far, so good!

First day of school 😀

Damien’s 8th Birthday!

Damien’s Jurassic World birthday party on Sunday was a success! We again kept it low key this year and had the Millikens over for pizza, cake, and ice cream. Damien had a great day 🙂

House is cleaned and decorated and ready for guests!
Scott made the cake and I decorated it…which turned out to be way harder than I thought. It looked way better in my head, haha. Damien liked it so that’s all that matters.
Damien’s all shy when we’re singing Happy Birthday to him 🙂 Of course we have our number 8 candle!
Chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and vanilla ice cream
Time to open the presents!
Lots of great stuff this year!

The complete haul
  • Nintendo Switch and game from us
  • Jurassic World dinosaurs from the Millikens
  • Emoji stickers, Dog Man 5 book, a Roblox Robux card, underwear, and a Freddie plush from Great Grandma and Tom
  • Cash from Grandma and Grandpa Hanks and Great Grammy and Grampy Whitehill (probably going towards more video games…)
Trying out the Switch
Damien the 8 year old gamer 🙂

Thank you everyone for the birthday gifts. I think it was the best birthday party to date!

Summer is almost over…

Everything is winding down for school to start on Tuesday after Labor Day. The summer went by so quickly. We all went and met Damien’s Third Grade teacher last week and we really liked her. Such a relief! So far, so good.

Scott is still easing into his new role. I don’t think he realized how busy he was going to be. He also started streaming where people can watch him play video games online. He even set up a green screen and lighting to make it look more professional. There are professional streamers out there who make tons of money in donations for it, but Scott’s just doing it for fun right now.

Look how much the Milliken’s chickens and turkeys have grown!
Scott’s new green screen. It attaches to the back of his chair.

ND Visit

Early August, Damien and I took a quick trip up to North Dakota to spend some time with my side of the family and relax. I think everyone can agree it was an excellent trip. My Grandma and Tom even drove out from Washington so it was like a mini family union! I’m not 100% sure of my family’s stance on posting their pictures online, so I’ll just post a few.

On our way to ND! I was asked “are you excited?” about 1,000 times 🙂
Damien learning how to play poker from Grandpa. He did great!
Damien playing at the Elementary School I attended way back when
Having HOURS of fun at the pool
What trip would be complete without video games? Shark Evolution to be exact
Damien with Pikachu
The majestic and aloof Mia
Heading home

Thank you to my family for being the best family ever. Our visits are always too short.