Separating from the Air Force

Scott is separating from the Air Force after 14 years of service. Today is his last day of work, but he’ll still be on Active Duty status until September. We spent many months discussing it, and we decided it’s what we want. And more than likely he wouldn’t be able to stay until retirement anyways because of the newest promotion system. I think it’s bittersweet. He has enjoyed his career, but it’s not what it used to be. It’s time. He’s already lined up a job working from home starting in September and he’ll be taking on more of the household duties and Damien’s appointments. That sounds good to me!

Scott’s Basic Training photo. Can you find him?
FTAC is a requirement when a new airman arrives at their first duty station. And look who Scott is sitting next to! Not married yet!
Newly married and visiting Scott’s family in Maine
Prepping our chem gear for exercises
Always happy 😀
My first reenlistment, 2008
Scott at Kunsan, showing me the different backgrounds his webcam can make, haha
I believe his is one of Scott’s reenlistments
Top Gunning it up lol
From Scott’s deployment to the UK
Scott at Airman Leadership School at Ramstein. Always a professional 😛
Scott’s final reenlistment
Damien showing off his end-of-Kindergarten work. SO CUTE!
Scott at work…allegedly LOL
SSgt Scott Whitehill, USAF, Go Thundercats! I mean Cybercats! 

It feels like the end of an era. Scott and I joined at the same time and met at our first duty station. We’ve grown up in the Air Force together and supported each other through everything. Even though he won’t be in the trenches with me anymore, I know he’ll still continue to be my rock. I’m looking forward to the future.

Summer Break – Week 5

We’ve just started week 5 of summer break and I realized that I haven’t posted any updates. This is probably because Scott and I have just been working and Damien has been spending his days at the Youth Center. The boring stuff. My new job has been more challenging than I thought it would be so there’s been some added stress. At least Scott and Damien are in good moods so that helps.

Katrina stretched out while I’m watching TV.
Damien again made A-B Honor Roll for 4th quarter! Although I’m sure the reason for his excitement has more to do with leaving 2nd Grade and his teacher retiring than it does the certificate lol
The Honor Roll students receive a free movie pass! Scott took Damien to see Incredibles 2 on the 4 of July. I relaxed at home in a nice, quiet house. It was a great day 🙂