Reenlistment and Memorial Day Weekend

On my birthday this year, I reenlisted for probably the last time. This will bring me to retirement eligibility in six years. Feels weird. I decided last minute to have it outside so I could get a few pictures. It was overcast, but thankfully didn’t rain on us!

Scott was my photographer for the event. I talked him into trying to get a selfie afterwards lol
Us laughing at our inability to take a proper selfie. We give up!
My belated Mother’s Day/Birthday card this year from my precious Damien. I love it! Yes, that’s a trophy, haha.


I feel like we made the most of our Memorial Day weekend.

On Friday, we washed the cars and went strawberry picking.

Damien, the worker bee
He had way too much fun with the hose
To the fields!
Meticulously picking the BEST strawberries
He couldn’t help but try them. He literally yelled “YUM!” after trying one lol
Picture perfect!
We may have to go back for more

On Saturday, we celebrated my birthday and I went to my annual trip to the nail salon for a mani/pedi.

I picked a place to try called The Deadrise at the Ft Monroe marina for my birthday lunch. The weather was nice enough to eat outside. 
I felt the need to post ONE photo of myself. The original photo made me look like I was in witness protection. Not sure if this is much better, but hey, I’m 32 now so I’m trying to care less. 
Damien was happy with his hamburger
My shrimp, scallops, and crab–YUM!
After lunch we walked around Ft Monroe, but didn’t stay long because of the heat
Since it was such a hot day, we ended up trying snowcones at a place I’ve been wanting to try for a long time. There were 100 flavors so it was very tough to decide. I got key lime pie! 
Cooling off in the shade
Damien showing off his mouth, haha
My pretty blue toenails 🙂 Ready for summer!

On Sunday, the Millikens invited us over for a BBQ. Bob (aka Robert I) and Glenna drove up from South Carolina for the weekend so it was nice seeing them again. The turkeys look like little emus now! I forgot to take pictures…

On Monday, we used Damien’s free movie pass and went to see the Avengers Infinity War movie in theaters. I’ll try not to spoil the movie, but it didn’t end on a good note so Damien and I were pretty bummed. Not really a feel-good super hero movie.

And now we have to go back to work/school tomorrow. In the words of Damien, “No fair!”

Springtime Fun

Only 3.5 more weeks of school! I know Damien can’t wait, haha. Despite his protests, he’s greatly improved in reading since the beginning of the year!

I don’t think I’ve mentioned it yet, but I did get a new job at my squadron. I’ve moved from overseeing an operations training program to overseeing a standards and evaluations program. Basically we make sure all of the operators are qualified to do their jobs and to identify issues. It’s been about a month and I like it so far in spite of its challenges.

Where Damien spends a lot of his time just like his Daddy
Damien made it to the A-B Honor Roll for 3rd quarter! So proud!
My sad bush that I only get to enjoy for about a week or two each year before all the flowers shrivel up. It’s nice while it lasts!

In late April, the Millikens finally got their baby chickens and turkeys. They were SOOOOO cute! <3

Damien loved them 😀
Sarah trying to feed a chick.

Damien holding a turkey
Lucy is a very docile dog, but she doesn’t look like it in this picture!
Damien helping put the chicks in the basket to take back inside. 

We got a chance to spend some time with Sarah last weekend so we decided to drive up to the Bounce House in Williamsburg. It was VERY hot outside that day so we wanted something indoors. Sarah was well-behaved, but I did forget how exhausting a busy toddler can be…plus Damien feeds off the energy of others like a superpower.

Sarah could climb all the inflatables!
Vroom vroom!

Kids were OBSESSED with this wind machine.
Damien and Sarah playing in the wind machine when it was off.
Taking a 5 second break lol
My favorite wild child 🙂
Scott and I had a peaceful ride home 🙂