Days of Destruction and Spring Concert

I feel as though we’ve been in hibernation the last couple of months. Laying low. Now that Spring is almost here, there are more fun things to do. The Langley Speedway held its Days of Destruction event last Saturday. There were so many events from racing backwards, to racing blindfolded, to racing with appliances strapped to the cars, to a flag pole race, etc….and then ended with a demolition derby. Damien really enjoyed the actual events, but was not a fan of all the setup in between. When I asked him afterwards if he would want to go to another one, he said, “Yeah…if it was more exciting.”

Ready for the action to begin!
Trying to stay warm in the low 40s.
I picked the Slimer car to cheer on 🙂 He didn’t do so well.
Sarah and Robbie made it out too! 

The demo derby

Last Monday night, Damien’s second grade class held a Spring-themed concert at the school…And then it snowed that night lol. Damien didn’t really seem to actually sing for a majority of the songs. I posted a video below and you may notice that he looks over at me recording several times and slightly shakes his head “no”. He said afterwards that he didn’t like that we were watching him perform. Just us. The other parents didn’t bother him because they weren’t looking at him I guess.

No smile for us 🙁
Damien performing with his second grade class

And speaking of school, Damien’s 3rd quarter progress report came back with all Cs and up! No Ds this time! He seems to be putting forth more effort and that’s all I wanted.