Rock Project Complete

After many weeks, the rocks are finally finished in the rock tumbler that Damien received for Christmas. There were four different grits ranging from course to fine. Damien completely lost interest around grit 3. Oh well, it became a project for Scott and me instead 🙂

26 Dec 17 – The before picture
31 Dec 17 – The biggest transformation! All of the rough edges are gone!
21 Jan 18 – The rocks are so much smaller
10 Feb 18 – The final product. I can’t believe how tiny some of them are. Two of them are chipped.
13 Jan 18 – My favorite rock
10 Feb 18 – My favorite rock all polished
13 Jan 18 – This is Damien’s favorite rock
10 Feb 18 – Damien’s favorite rock all polished!

I haven’t posted in about a month, but things have been pretty slow. Damien’s school had a bunch of snow days that they’ve been slowly making up. Damien’s second quarter report card came out. He earned an A- in Math, but a D in Reading. He has also shown improvement in the amount of effort he’s been putting into all of his subjects so I’m very proud of him. I’m meeting with his teacher on Tuesday to find out more information on how we can improve on his reading.

We haven’t been as diligent about the meal prepping as I’d like. Here are a few dishes we made in January:

  • Spinach Pesto Chicken with Zucchini Noodles. Scott just slapped the pesto on the chicken and it did NOT look appetizing. I thought it tasted just fine though. Scott was meh about it. We also didn’t have the appropriate tool for making the zucchini noodles to make them more like noodles and less like strips of zucchini.
  • Orange-Cilantro Shrimp and Broccoli with Sweet Potato Fries. I loved this dish. Scott complained so much about zesting the orange during prep, but he also enjoyed the flavor. The only thing he didn’t like was the marinade on the broccoli itself.
  • Beef and Butternut Squash Tagine. I was most looking forward to trying this dish, but Scott and I both hated it. It smelled AMAZING and it was my first time using tumeric, but it tasted like a blah, earthy stew.
Pesto chicken with zucchini noodles. Like I said, it didn’t LOOK good, but tasted good, haha.
Shrimp and broccoli with sweet potato fries
A bonus pic of Katrina