Snow Days

Six days into the year and we already have two snow days under our belts. Scott and I were off work this week, but they closed the base and school on Thursday and Friday. I think we got 8-10 inches of snow! And it won’t be warm enough to melt it until Monday. It appears that they’ve cleared enough of the roads that most businesses are back up and running again this weekend. At least Scott and I were able to enjoy a tiny bit of time off to ourselves earlier this week where we saw Jumanji in theaters and ate out at Red Lobster (Thanks for the gift card, Grandma!). But with Damien out of school for these extra days, it’s been hard keeping him entertained.

New Year’s Weekend:

Damien was itching to build his Minecraft Lego sets! The box came with 5 sets and each set you could choose one of three designs.
Set 1 done!
I love this “Mad Scientist” look lol
He did almost all of the building himself
Set 2 complete!
Set 3 is my favorite because it has moving pieces. You pull down on a level and it looks like a mining explosion!
Plus Set 3 has Creeper! 😀
Damien built set 4 with Scott, I think. But here’s the Lego Master at work building set 5.
Set 5 all done!
Here are all 5 Lego sets together. I love that it has a bunch of options.

We did try a couple of the meal prep meals. We remade the smoke paprika chicken and roasted trio vegetables. Still yummy! Then we tried two new dishes:

Honey Ginger Salmon with Roasted Mushrooms and Acorn Squash. I loved this dish. I’ve never used fresh ginger before and the marinade called for something called coconut aminos which was new for us too. Oh, and we’ve never tried acorn squash before. Spoiler alert–tasted like squash. Unfortunately, Scott doesn’t like salmon so it’s not something I’ll get to eat very often.

Lamb Kofta with Tahini Sauce and Parsley Cauliflower Rice. I didn’t even know what tahini sauce was until this recipe. It’s like peanut butter, but made with sesame seeds. I liked this dish a lot, but Scott doesn’t like lamb. Weird, right? I think we’ll make the cauliflower rice again because we both liked it.

(I’d like to say that I appreciate that Scott is willing to eat things he doesn’t like for me!)

Salmon with acorn squash and mushrooms
Lamb burgers with cauliflower rice (no sauce in picture)
Bonus pic–My TV watching buddy!

Damien was sooooooooo happy for the snow. He has been talking about wanting snow for weeks. I’m not sure he’s my son…

Super excited AND super warm!
Hard at work shoveling snow
I peeked outside (I stayed inside where it was warm!) and I see Scott buried in snow and Damien face down in the snow…ummmm, what?
Time for hot chocolate!
He loved his mug 🙂
In anticipation for being held hostage at home, I bought myself a cute kitty puzzle. I HOPED Damien would help, but he wasn’t interested. I even moved the table into the living room to make a cozy space!
750 piece puzzle complete!