Thanksgiving 2017

Another holiday is over! I can’t believe we’re almost to December. We didn’t do a whole lot for Thanksgiving this year. I signed us up for the base’s Thanksgiving buffet which just happened to be about a 3 minute walk from where we live. So no cooking or cleanup for us this year! I do still need to make a pumpkin pie though…I’m giving myself until the end of December.

My pretty kitty 😀
And my wild child, as I frequently call him
Made an effort to look nice for our Thanksgiving lunch…but Damien wasn’t in the mood for pictures.
Damien’s “I’m not happy so I’m not going to cooperate” face
Happy Damien 🙂 Much better mood after getting some food
Dessert time!
And a selfie. Someday I’ll figure it out.  

Halloween 2017

I’m super late posting my Halloween post this year because I’ve been having so many issues with uploading the photos. Scott and I have been troubleshooting during the weekends and I think we have finally found a solution that works.

A few weekends ago, we decorated the pumpkins we got from the pumpkin patch!

Damien wanted a fire pumpkin this year.
Painting on the flames
We’re making progress! (Mine is the blue one)
Scott carved his pumpkin in honor of his favorite thing in the whole wide world, Rust.
The completed products! Mine is supposed to be a shark, but I messed up on the coloring and Damien said it was too scary. Scott’s pumpkin rotted out days before Halloween…
The weekend before Halloween, Damien and I made and decorated sugar cookies!
The silver gel icing is hard to see. The square cookie is meant to be a Creeper head lol
The cookies that I decorated 🙂
Damien and I also spent some quality time together and put together his Minecraft Lego set. Katrina supervised.
Halloween night! Damien went as Lloyd, the Green Ninja from Ninjago!

Scott took Damien trick-or-treating around the neighborhood. It seems there are less and less houses participating each year so it was rather uneventful. Damien was happy with his stash so I can’t complain.