Green Hand Farm Park

Today we ventured out to Green Hand Farm Park in Gloucester. They had a lot of stuff to do and their theme this year was Minecraft! We all got to experience a corn maze for the first time and their lemonade was AMAZING.

Today I learned that I would get lost in a maze by myself and probably need to be rescued lol
Damien led the way for a bit
We found a tower which we thought would be helpful for seeing where to go. It wasn’t helpful…
This is the map of the maze!
The maze had signs with trivia questions to give clues on which direction to go. All corn themed questions, of course.
Apparently a lifetime of intense gaming has prepared Scott to expertly navigate us out of the maze 🙂
This kid still cannot pedal…
Having fun playing on the hay. Although he complained about his irritated arms later so maybe it was a mistake… But he had fun at the time!
Damien shooting the corn cannon. Scott tried the water bottle cannon too which was a lot more extreme.

Between the bumpiness and dirtiness, Damien and I did not enjoy this ride.
Damien with the Minecraft characters!
Selfie with Creeper LOL

We picked out a couple of pumpkins from their pumpkin patch which we’ll be decorating tomorrow. We didn’t even do everything they had to offer. They had zombie paintball where you shoot paintballs at people dressed up as zombies from a moving truck. Damien was too scared to try it, but maybe next year.

Fall is Coming

Our September and October this year feels extra busy. I don’t think it’s going to slow down anytime soon! Between all of the obligations and activities, I think we’re all exhausted.

Damien’s progress report came out at the beginning of the month to show his progress half-way through the first quarter of second grade. I was disappointed to see such low grades. He got a B in Math, Cs in Science and Social Studies, and Ds in Reading and Writing. I’ve been in touch with his teacher, but I’m not really getting anywhere…at least not quickly. My only concern is him falling behind if this is how the school year is starting. We’ll just do our best like we always do.

I got a standing desk at work about a month ago. I really like it!
I must be a comfy bed!
Scott’s birthday card from Damien. So cute! He drew a picture of Scott on his computer playing games. He knows him so well!
Went to Sarah’s birthday party last weekend and got to see the new house. She’s now 3! Her interests are Trolls and Minions 🙂

The swimming lessons are still a hit, especially now that he has his goggles! He only has one more session before he moves onto the next level. We decided to do the next level since he’s been putting in so much effort to do well. Then we’ll probably take a break for a bit during the winter.