Swim Lesson Success!

Damien started swim lessons on Saturday called “Water Acclimation” at the YMCA. I have to say that I’m very happy so far. I put Damien in swim lessons when he was 3 or 4 and the kids just didn’t do much of anything during the sessions. But this class is great, and the best part? Damien LOVES it! He’s excited to go back. And he was so exhausted afterwards that he took a long nap lol.

SIDENOTE: My blog is having major issues uploading pictures. It’s been going on for a while now, but it’s getting worse. I have a couple more pictures of the lessons to post, but it appears this is all it will allow for tonight.

The happy swimmer 🙂


First Day of School

Today was Damien’s first day of second grade! He was acting out a little bit last night and this morning, but I’m guessing he was just nervous. He didn’t have really any positive things to say about it when I asked. He said they didn’t do much, that his teacher was mean, that he did good things and didn’t get recognized in their point system, that they didn’t have snack time, and they only got ONE MINUTE of recess. Tough day!

That face lol
0640 bus!

The day after Damien’s birthday, I made up a chore chart for him. He’s been asking if he could earn some money by helping out around the house so he was very excited to see this. He folded towels, sorted and put away his clothes, washed dishes, and helped Scott take out the trash. I gave him $1 in assorted change. Hey, he didn’t complain!

Chore chart below the magnets. Unpaid chores on the left are for smiles 🙂 Paid chores are on the right for money.
My happy worker bee 🙂

Happy 7th Birthday, Damien!!!

Damien turned 7 yesterday and starts 2nd grade on Tuesday. We had a shark-themed birthday party this year. He talks about Jaws and Great White sharks a lot…and draws pictures of them… and says he wants to be a shark… lol. We invited Robbie, Naomi, and Sarah over to the house. We kept it to family in order to keep it simple. I don’t know if it’s a generational thing, but the RSVP system is broken and you won’t know who’s actually going to show up until the party starts. Who needs that stress? He still had a nice day and he was happy. I got lots of hugs!

Damien opening his birthday card from Great Grandma and Tom 🙂
Finished decorating for the party
Killing time until our guests arrive
I love how he’s pretending to drink
Me and the birthday boy!

A battle between nephew and uncle! And Sarah lol
The robe is a great fit!
Adding candles to the cake
The completed product. They didn’t have a shark cake at the store, so we picked out a beach cake and added our own shark. I don’t think it was fierce enough for Damien. But it has a gold 7!!!

Time to dig in–yum!
Sarah likes it too 🙂
After months of waiting, finally getting to play Portal Knights.
Scott and Robbie handled the tedious task of building the Lego Dimensions portal.
Playing the Lego Dimensions game. You move the Lego characters around on the pad based on what’s going on in the game. It’s pretty neat!

I only took a video of Damien opening his presents, so I’ll list out what he got:

-$50 from Great Grandma and Tom

-A bath robe, foam swords and shields, and an awesome shark playset from Grandma and Grandpa Hanks

-Portal Knights video game, Lego Dimensions starter kit, and a slither.io plush from Scott and me. (As a sidenote, the Scott had to put in a trouble ticket because he couldn’t get the Lego Dimensions game to launch after several hours of troubleshooting. I’m happy to report that it works now!)

-Lego Dimensions Team Packs (Jurassic Park and Adventure Time) from Uncle Robbie, Aunt Naomi, and Sarah

-**EDIT: card and money from Great Grammy and Great Grampy Whitehill

So it was a very good birthday! Thank you everyone for the gifts. Everything was Damien-approved!