Impromptu Vacay to North Dakota

Damien and I spent early August with my parents in North Dakota. I was terribly disappointed that we didn’t get an assignment to Minot so this was the next best thing. Damien was 4 the last time we visited so it was long overdue for some good, quality time with the family while Scott held down the fort in Virginia…and played a ton of video games lol.

6am flight and a happy kid 🙂
Playing on tablet before takeoff
Breakfast time!

Damien spent a lot of quality time with his Grandpa and became best buds. They wrestled, they played games, and Damien even helped with outdoor chores like raking leaves…for a wage, of course. He even asked to go over and work in his shop– so helpful!

Partners in crime 😀

Our big outing during the trip was to the dinosaur museum. I hadn’t been there since I was a kid, but I think I enjoyed it much more as an adult. I think we all had a great time!

Dickinson Dinosaur Museum
So cool 😀
Checking out all of the awesome minerals
I didn’t know Damien knew how to turn on the filters until after he took the pic, haha
Aside from the florescent, glow-in-the-dark rocks, this was Damien’s FAVORITE case in the whole museum.
The Aurora Crystals are pretty neat too!
Judging from the height, I’m guessing Damien took this picture 🙂
T-rex foot!
Cool-looking petrified wood
Bugs trapped in sap! Just like in the Jurassic Park movie!!!
This is an elephant bird that went extinct about 300 years ago. It was the largest bird to have ever lived measuring at 9.8 feet tall!
The largest egg is the elephant bird egg and the one to the right of it is an ostrich egg for reference.
Moving the sand around changed the colors to show the different elevations and holding your hands out made it rain!
Triceratops skull
Shark teeth. Oh, you know, only 15 MILLION years old.
Checking out the various animal claws
An old washing machine! The museum had a whole area dedicated to local Dickinson memorabilia from the 1900s. Damien was VERY disinterested in this section.
A kitchen scene. I’ve totally seen one of those tables before somewhere.
Look at that sweet television set lol
Nothing quite like smoking and listening to the radio, am I right?
Camera telescope for seeing the fine details of minerals…or arm hair lol
I cannot take a proper selfie to save my life, but how else can we commemorate our great time? <3

We were able to schedule our trip during David’s week off from work, but he recently started working nights so we only really got to see him during the evenings.

Damien with Uncle David playing video games.
I tried so hard to get a decent picture of Mia. She’s always on high alert!
A moment of stillness…
An owl or a cat? LOL

The journey home was bittersweet. We didn’t want to leave, but missed Scott/Daddy. Damien still keeps talking about wanting to go back…so he can help Grandpa lol. I’m so very glad we went. Thank you so much to my Mom and Dad for always being so wonderful and making for an enjoyable, relaxing vacation.

Scenic North Dakota
Entertaining ourselves on the plane <3
I love this picture so much. He looks like he belongs in a comic book or something!