4th of July Family Cabin Trip

Over the 4th of July holiday weekend, we rented a cabin near the Lexington, VA area for two nights. It was about a 3.5 hour drive from where we live. We were joined by Robbie, Naomi, Naomi’s sister Priscilla, and Sarah. Overall it was a very relaxing trip. Our cabin was roomy, had enough beds for everyone, had A/C, and satellite TV (which came in handy because we had zero phone reception or wifi). Β It felt secluded and peaceful. The weather was wonderful too. It didn’t have an outdoor grill or fire pit so we brought a little one so we could grill hamburgers and steaks, but also to roast some marshmallows!

Rest stop on the way to the cabin. Someone’s excited!
We made it!
The front porch. A perfect place to watch the kids play πŸ™‚
The kitchen/dining room
Our bedroom. Damien slept on the top bunk and now he wants a bunk bed lol
The living room
We love our TV!
The men getting the charcoal ready for dinner and Sarah saying “cheese!” It was hectic at times trying to keep the kids away from the fire.
Damien playing with sticks while dinner is cooking.
You can’t really see them, but there were tons of lightning bugs in front of the cabin. So pretty!

Day 2 – Monday was our only full day at the cabin, but we made the most of it! Damien and I are the early risers so here’s a video of a very happy Damien singing a song for me πŸ™‚

Damien and Sarah running around outside in front of the cabin
Exploring the grounds. There is a fishing pond within walking distance, but it was difficult to reach and very small.
Damien throwing rocks into a hole we found
Found some raspberries!
After lunch we made smores–Yum!
The kids had fun roasting their first marshmallows
The final product!
Sarah made such a huge mess with her smore that she needed a shower lol
We all played a game of Monopoly together. Damien had only played the kids version before, but he was able to keep up.
Sarah’s turn! In the end it was a show down between Scott and Naomi, but Naomi won by a landslide.
In the evening we drove over to the main lodge to use its bigger fishing pond.
The main lodge entry way
Damien and I playing around with the camera while we wait for the fishing poles
View from the top of the stairs at the main lodge
A decorative pond that leads to a waterfall that travels down the hill
View of the main lodge from the decorative pond
Following the path down to the fishing pond
View of the main lodge from the fishing pond
Trying to find a good spot
Damien watching how to set up the pole

Damien’s fish tried to escape!
Damien practiced casting for a bit
Scott’s catch!
Naomi’s catch!
Here’s me with the waterfall that travels down the hill. There were also tons of butterflies!
My favorite picture from the whole trip <3

Day 3 – The 4th of July! We all woke up and loaded up for the return trip home. We considered driving 30 min to see some caverns, but ultimately everyone was pretty tired and ready to get home.

My happy boy!
Driving home through the countryside
Katrina was happy to see us πŸ™‚

I’m very happy with the whole trip. Damien was well behaved and enjoyed running around outside and fishing. I see there are tons of cabins all over the state so maybe next year we can try one in a different area to scope out the different sites.

The End of First Grade

I’m a little late, but here are some pictures from the beginning of June.

Damien playing Roblox on his computer in a blanket
Damien got to pick out a dessert from his cookbook to try. He made a great choice!
Damien getting his fourth quarter certificate at the end of year ceremony.
Damien earned BARK student for good behavior and Most Improved for his improvements through the year. He finished out the school year strong and I’m so proud of him! Β 
Official last day of school, 14 June
Moving on to second grade!!!

The school year ended on a very positive note. I loved his first grade teacher because she worked with Damien to help him succeed which I know requires patience and understanding. And since I didn’t get approved for the Minot assignment, we’ll be going to the same school for second grade. This summer I’ll be having Damien work on his reading, spelling, and handwriting since those are his weaker subjects. Scott and I bought him a couple more Minecraft books to get him excited which is working out so far.