Buckroe Beach

Flowers that Damien and Scott got me for my birthday 🙂
Presents to myself–my new slippers and a pedicure! Thank you to my parents, my grandma, and Scott’s grandparents for the birthday cards and money. I need to get some new T-shirts next!
The new trend with the kids right now is fidget spinners. Of course Damien had to have one. He bought it with his own money though. We made a demonstration video below.

We randomly decided that today would be a perfect day to go to the beach. We’d never been to Buckroe Beach before and it’s about 20 min from where we live. We all had so much fun and Damien got to wear his new swim shirt and shorts. My only complaint about the beach is the lack of parking, but even though there were a lot of people, we didn’t feel cramped.

Damien setting out all his toys to play!
Damien out in the water jumping over the mini waves
You can see the sandcastle we tried to make.
Damien liked to let the waves push him back.

Damien resting while Scott went to grab us some food.
Damien burying himself 😀
He wanted to look like a zombie popping out of the ground lol. He was so happy with himself 🙂
When we finally had enough sun, we stopped through a window for some ice cream on the way home. Very good day!