To San Antonio and Back

I spent the first week of May in San Antonio, TX for work and Scott held down the fort at home. My return was met with my sweet boy, Damien…who then decided mid month that I’m the worst. But as of this weekend loves me again. Always a rollercoaster with him.

Upset that he didn’t get what he thought he should have. Honestly though he did very well this quarter–all satisfactories and outstandings on his report card!
My hotel room in San Antonio which was nice. I got to stay off-base this trip–woot!
The famous riverwalk for dinner. Just as a remember it.
I loved seeing all the ducks 🙂
Pikachu, I mean Damien, after my return home.
A nice day for ridin’
My all-time favorite Mother’s Day present <3
The inside of the card. It’s on my desk at work so I can see it everyday 🙂
Yesterday (Saturday) was my squadron’s spring/summer picnic. We went to a park we’d never been to before and Damien had a great time.
I can’t keep a plant alive to save my life…but apparently doing absolutely NOTHING works. Go figure.

With about 4 more weeks of school, Scott and I finished planning our summer vacation trip. We wanted to do something relaxing and low-key so we rented a cabin about 3.5 hours away in a scenic area. There are hiking trails and a fishing pond. And we reserved early enough to get the place for the 4th of July weekend. We invited the Millikens too! So it’ll be a nice, relaxing family vacay. It’s my version of camping–meaning we have a bed and an indoor bathroom. I’m super excited to go!

Decided to add this pic of the three of us cuddled on the couch together. It’s a rare moment 🙂