Easter 2017 and 12th Anniversary

Finally getting around to posting pictures from Easter this year. The weather was FINALLY nice enough for not one, but TWO Easter egg hunts for Damien. Scott and I also celebrated our 12-year anniversary. We went to a fondue restaurant called The Melting Pot and it was very good.

Last month, the Youth Center had a kids event with bouncy houses, face painting, and balloon animals! He always gets such cool stuff!
Damien cried when we had to wash it off. He loved it so much.
Damien and his first emoji ♥ He brought home his third one tonight and he calls them his “babies”.
You can see how much he loves them lol
Time to dye the Easter eggs!
Scott refused to participate in the egg dying this year. I don’t know what the Easter equivalent to Scrooge is, but that sums up Scott’s interest.
The finished product: Damien’s are the golden eggs and mine are the sparkly ones!
We went to the base housing Easter egg hunt on the 8th. Kinda cold and over in a few min.
Damien and his eggs. There were little plastic toys inside instead of candy. Probably because of allergies?
Scott and I at our anniversary dinner. He’s TRYING to be funny by pretending he’s unimpressed lol
Easter morning we hid emoji eggs around the house with candy inside. Damien was super excited and said the Easter bunny was good at drawing 😀
We were all supposed to go to an Easter buffet with the Millikens but Scott was a little under the weather so we just stopped over to their house later in the day. Here’s Scott trying out their brand new massage chair!
Uncle Robbie and Aunt Naomi did a nice Easter egg hunt in their yard for Damien and Sarah
Damien opening up his eggs
I think he likes the surprise better than what’s inside! Although he did end up with some dollar bills which made him pretty happy
Damien and Sarah playing outside with Sarah’s new sprinkler 🙂
Damien with all his new stuff from Easter. Thanks Uncle Robbie and Aunt Naomi! I’m looking forward to the water balloons this summer! 


Busch Gardens for Spring Break

We all went to Busch Gardens earlier this month during spring break. We happened to pick the perfect day weather-wise. We weren’t sure if Damien would like any of the rides, but he had a great time. His first time on a rollercoaster he looked terrified lol but was willing to try EVERYTHING. I loved how there were so many kid options. It was a wonderful day 🙂