Back from Colorado Springs

On Saturday, I came back from a three-week work trip to Colorado Springs, Colorado. I was an Instructor for a course we’ve been developing and it was the very first run-through from start to finish with students. I’d never been to Colorado before other than a layover at the airport. I would have loved to see it in the summer when everything was green. Regardless, it was scenic and they had an exceptionally warm winter which suited me just fine. It only snowed twice and it was melted within 24 hours and on the Friday before I left it reached 70 degrees! I didn’t do any touristy things. I didn’t have a rental car and I was sick for about a week. Plus the altitude was BRUTAL when it came to working out. Overall it was a great experience. My only real complaint is that I had to be separated from Scott and Damien! Oh and Katrina too 🙂

My hotel room on Peterson AFB
Damien and I had wonderful phone conversations and saw each other when we could 🙂
Taken on the way to class in the morning
This is directly outside of my hotel building. The building on the far left is the chow hall. So convenient!
Taken from the indoor track at the gym which was conveniently right across the street from the chow hall. I bet the hot air balloon had an amazing view!