Snow Days

We received a lot of snow on Saturday which resulted in school being cancelled on Mon, Tues, and Wed. The base was only closed on Mon and a half day on Tues. Temperatures are finally high enough to melt all this ice so I’m happy 🙂

Damien enjoyed playing in the snow and throwing snow balls at Scott. He also had a lot of time to spend inside the house. I was pleasantly surprised that he had a great attitude while we were snowed in.

Damien in one of his tie dye shirts 🙂
Damien using his new desk and chair. He found a new game that he likes called Slime Rancher.
Katrina spying on me while I watch TV lol

Ending the Year

What a quick year! Here’s how we spent the remainder of 2016.

Damien was super excited to dig into the “gold” brick he got in his Christmas stocking.
But was disappointed at the rainbow stone inside because it wasn’t “shiny”.

Our Tuesday after Christmas was eventful. Scott had an OT appointment down at Portsmouth Naval Medical Center for his wrist so we took that as an opportunity to go shopping in Virginia Beach. We wanted to visit the LL Bean and see about getting Scott some new slippers. Unfortunately, this particular store was small so the inventory and sizes were minuscule so we didn’t find anything. In the same mall was a Dave & Busters so that was Damien’s incentive to behave for the appointment and shopping.

Damien and I explored the 15-story hospital while Scott endured shock treatments lol
They had Pikachus at Build-A-Bear! Here’s Damien using the pedal to stuff his Pikachu.
They put a heart inside each plush so here’s Damien giving it love <3
The final product complete with Pokeball hoodie lol
We had lunch at Dave & Busters although Damien wasn’t really interested in eating.
Super awesome Star Wars game
Bean Bag Toss. Dave & Busters is far superior to Chuck-E-Cheese. We’d love to go back!
Damien LOVES his golden creeper <3
The two creepers finally met each other and are now good friends 🙂
We bought Damien a new desk with adjustable height. His previous desk was too small. We also bought a cool blue chair, but it was too tall so it had to go back.
The new desk meant we had to find another spot for Katrina’s tower
But she didn’t mind 🙂
For Christmas I bought myself an electric kettle that I LOVE and a 40 variety pack of teas to try! Now I can see which ones I like without having a bunch of waste. Scott bought himself a new headset and amp for his gaming, of course.

Here’s Damien with his new eyeglasses. I don’t think you can see them too well in the lighting, but they’re brown on the side and green around the inside of the lenses. I think they look nice. There’s not much of a variety for kids glasses…
Damien has been getting lots of use out of his weighted blanket.
They had a New Year’s party at the Youth Center on Friday and posted this picture. Haha, I love it!
Damien drew this awesome rock-and-roll Creeper

New Years Eve and New Years Day weren’t particularly pleasant. Damien was moody and difficult. You never know how he’s going to act from one minute to the next. Today seems to be going better and then it’s back to school and work tomorrow. Holiday vacation is almost over 🙁

Here’s Damien making his “lava” shirt with red and yellow. He quit after this shirt so Scott and I finished up on our own.
Scott is dying a pillow case. I’ll post pictures another time.
Damien’s T-shirts! I think they turned out better than expected. We still have dye to do future projects!