Christmas 2016

Christmas 2016 already came and went and I’m exhausted…

On Christmas Eve…

I got us a gingerbread mini village kit!
Damien decorating his house
The finished product! I’m actually quite happy with them. Mine is on the left, Damien’s in the middle, and Scott’s is on the right.
We needed a break
Damien opened the gifts from Grandma and Grandpa Hanks–thanks! We’re planning to tie dye shirts on Saturday by using the “potions” lol I posted a video of the Pikachu bank because it’s super cool in action!

On Christmas Day…

The third book in the Minecraft comic book series he loves
Opening the weighted blanket (more pictures later)
This kid is super wild…
An awesome ninja turtles helicopter from Grandpa Whitehill
A gift from the Youth Center
Scott’s Dad with a trophy he won for the North East Mini Cup in New Hampshire

We each had to test out Damien’s new weighted blanket. It weighs 5 lbs.
My turn!

Damien testing out the Instant Snow in a can. I thought you would at least be able to make something with it, but it doesn’t even form a snow ball…
Damien watching videos on his tablet under the new blanket. My only complaint is that it’s heavy so it kept slipping off.
In all honesty, this blanket is actually Katrina’s new bed. Over the last few days, she’s on it all the time!

Later Christmas Day we all headed over to the Millikens’ for another delicious feast.

This is one of the coolest gifts EVER! Aunt Naomi made Damien a GOLDEN CREEPER!!! Damien said he wanted a golden creeper for Christmas this year, but they don’t exist so she made one. He loves it!
Damien and Sarah playing 🙂 Of course he wouldn’t allow Sarah to touch the golden creeper
Scott’s BFF, Loki. smh lol
Sarah with her new hat, mittens, and baby doll 🙂

As previously mentioned, it’s been a draining time of year and I feel like I wasn’t on top of things because we ran out of time. A special thanks to Scott’s grandparents and Dad and my parents for the Christmas money. I’ll post more later with some of the fun things we’ve been up to this week. And thanks to everyone who sent presents and thanks to my Grandma and Tom for the Toys-R-Us gift card, I’m excited to see what he’ll pick out!

It’s Almost Here!

Earlier this month, Damien went to his friend, Avery’s, 7th birthday party. They get along so well and both love Minecraft. Damien drew Avery a beautiful birthday card with a daddy, mommy, and baby Creeper wearing birthday hats. I didn’t get a picture 🙁

Damien hitting the pinata
Damien and Avery admiring the Creeper birthday cake

Christmas is almost here! lol

Damien picked out special Christmas presents for Scott and I at school and wanted us to open them right away
Because he got us Mom and Dad Christmas ornaments!
Probably can’t really see them, but they look nice on our tree 🙂
Damien wanted to open up this present because it has brown wrapping paper and he didn’t like that…so we hid it under some other presents…Problem solved!
Damien and I on the night of my office Holiday Party. About to head out!
Outside the venue. I don’t have any pictures of Scott and I at the holiday party. Damien was supposed to take one, but was moody and it didn’t happen. I did win an Echo Dot though! And the food was good and we got to spend time with Robbie and Naomi so it was a great night.
A beautiful wreath from Rob and Robin <3 Smells so good!
And of course delicious treats from Robin!
Katrina helping me wrap presents

We all went out tonight for dinner and then went to Newport News Park to see the Christmas light displays. I really enjoyed it, but Damien said he didn’t because he couldn’t see the lights very well from his seat. Damien and I took turns taking pictures throughout the park and I can definitely see from his perspective that he didn’t have the best view in the back seat.

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