First Quarter Awards Ceremony and Thanksgiving Weekend 2016

Damien is already 1/4 of the way finished with the First Grade. His report card stated that he’s doing very well in Math, but needs to improve on Reading and behavior. He actually received an “unsatisfactory” under the Conduct section. Everyone is working together to try to get through to Damien on how he should behave, but so far nothing is really effective.

Damien receiving his certificate. His First Grade teacher is to his right in the red shirt/black sweater.
Damien is disappointed that he only got one star this time (for perfect attendance). In Kindergarten he usually got a second star for academics.

All of us had a 4-day weekend for Thanksgiving. We didn’t have any major plans, but ended up being very busy anyways. I spent a lot of time cleaning…basically everything I never have the time or motivation to do on a normal weekend. We did cook up a small meal of chicken, mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing, deviled eggs, and pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving day. Nice and simple. On Black Friday, we went to go see the newly released movie, Moana. We all liked it. Scott and I did deal with some very difficult Damien behavior a few times over the long weekend–mainly getting a haircut and new shoes. He’s had many haircuts before, but this time refused to sit still. It ended up uneven so I had to go back later to TRY to fix it. And it’s impossible to get him new shoes. He grows accustom to the feel and fit of something and anything else is unacceptable to him. We finally left the store with a pair that he personally approved of, only to have him cry and complain later that they feel “rough”. We can’t win. After 4 days off from work, I don’t feel like I got a true break. At least Christmas break is coming up!

Damien happily eating his pumpkin pie.
That’s one way to do it…
Katrina often sleeps at my feet or beside my pillow at night. Woke up one morning to this 🙂
Got our Red Vines and Icee and waiting for the movie to start!
Took down the Halloween decorations and brought out the Christmas ones on the same day lol. My favorite holiday 🙂

Happy Halloween 2016!

Damien received a McDonald’s gift card from his Great Grandma and Tom for Halloween this year. He was so happy and he took very good care of the card until we could use it.

On the way to McDonald’s! I didn’t notice at the time that he wasn’t wearing his seatbelt correctly…
We all had ice cream cones after our meal on Damien’s dime 🙂

Damien went as Pikachu this year. His costume is actually pajamas, but they were significantly cheaper than buying a costume AND he can wear them to sleep in! Scott didn’t get to go trick-or-treat with us until later in the evening because he went to go help a coworker tend to a flat tire.

Posing as Pikachu
Peeking out!
My favorite picture of the night <3
He gets more and more excited every year for Trick-or-Treating
Walking with a purpose! And you can see his tail 🙂
Going through the end-of-night candy stash
Selfie with Pikachu!
I don’t know what he’s doing here…