Trucking Along

It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted so I have a lot of pictures. I had a huge two-week inspection at work at the end of September and then was assigned to another workcenter. In preparation for my new job, I’m in a two-week class that teaches how to develop curriculum…as in building course material (lessons, lesson plans, tests, etc.) from scratch. I’m pretty excited about going into a training job, but a little bit worried they’ll have me be an Instructor instead of a course developer. Or maybe I’ll do both…

Damien seems to be doing alright in the first grade. He does very well in Math, but needs improvement in Reading and Conduct. I’m thankful we have a patient teacher who’s willing to work with us. I know how challenging it can be to work with Damien. He lashes out when he’s frustrated and can be straight up defiant and stubborn. We can maybe get him into ABA therapy, but so far it’s been an exhausting, long process. Even once we get approval, there will be a waiting list to be seen before we can even begin therapy. It sounds pretty intense, but it seems to be the type of therapy recommended for children with autism.

And now here are some random photos from the past month:

Playing with the Pokemon cards he got for his birthday 🙂
Guess Damien is happy lol
This doesn’t look comfy
Family Weekend Project – assemble a 500-some piece puzzle 😀
He’s so goofy
Now the hard part of the puzzle
The completed puzzle (framed) looks perfect in Damien’s room!
Having some fun in Target
Our front river, I mean yard…There’s a street in there somewhere…courtesy of Hurricane Matthew
We noticed some water leaks in the house from the storm. That bulge in the bottom left corner is a sack full of water. Oh and we lost power for about 5 hours that weekend.

Our niece and Damien’s cousin, Sarah, turned 2 in October! She had a very lovely party. We all had a great time.

Sarah opening her presents
So cute!!!
Tired? Naw…

Damien still really loves Halloween. He had his heart set on making a mummy pumpkin this year.

Damien’s mummy pumpkin! He was the creative director and Scott and I did all the hard work.
Damien painting a Halloween picture
The finished product
It took me a couple of days to figure out how I wanted to decorate the other pumpkin, but Damien’s been playing a pirate game that gave me some inspiration.
Scott and Damien want to put the pumpkins outside, but then I won’t be able to enjoy looking at them!!!