I thought this was too cute not to share. Damien plays a game on his computer called You can pick from a selection of different snake/worm things. Damien loves things that are cute so he likes to pick the one called “Jelly” because it’s cute and looks super happy. He even drew a picture of Jelly and he gives Jelly points when he does well on his spelling words. AND he created a song with hand gestures for Jelly that he’ll perform from time to time and I think it’s about the cutest thing ever. The video below was taken on the Ferris Wheel in Seattle.

This is what Jelly looks like in the game.
jelly by Damien
This is Damien’s drawing of Jelly. He wrote his name at the top. Those random marks in the middle left are fireworks and the tally marks are the points he gives Jelly for spelling words.

Washington State Trip – Part 2

Day 5 – Boeing Flight Museum

Boeing had a giant centennial event that was free for all employees and retirees so we Β spent the day at the Boeing Flight Museum.

We didn’t see a fraction of the aircraft.
Group photo!!!
It was supposed to be a “light show” but we didn’t get the full effect watching it during the daytime.
So many things to see!
Damien loved “flying” all the planes in the kids area
Scott trying out a flight simulator.
They had a lot of cool games for the kids to play.
Grandma and Damien checking out the inside of a plane.
Selfie time! Scott and I on the shuttle heading back to the parking lot.

Day 6 – The Mall

By now we got all the touristy activities out of the way so we spent the rest of the trip hanging out locally. Grandma, Damien and I headed out to the Mall while Tom took Scott to Fry’s Electronics which is a HUGE electronics store that he’d never been to before but really wanted to. They have very few locations. Now he wishes we had one closer…

Playing Go Fish πŸ™‚
Walking around the Mall and we spotted this! Of course we had Damien try it!
One of the conditions of our visit was that we had to ride the animals at the Mall. This was non-negotiable. Just kidding–it was tons of fun! And a pink cat? It’s like it was made special for Grandma–so perfect!
Damien picked out whatever this was. I asked if he wanted to ride solo or with me and he choose to ride with me.
Good times πŸ™‚
Another pic with the Space Needle, haha

Day 7 – The River

Grandma had a social function to attend so Tom took us all back to the Mall so Damien could ride the animals again because he loved it so much. And they were closed! Oh well, at least we got to enjoy it once. For a little adventure we went down to a river so Damien could throw rocks in the water.

We had a heck of a time getting down to the water!
Nice πŸ™‚
Finally made it down to the water!
Damien having a blast throwing rocks.
Damien and Tom picking out rocks.
My little adventurer!

Day 8 – Family Time and Packing

The time flew by! We spent the last day packing and spending time together. Grandma took me for a mani/pedi and lunch where I got to try a Teriyaki place. Very good! We also had a fantastic last meal out at Black Angus Steakhouse.

Grandma bought Damien some back-to-school outfits and Damien loved them all! I also got a comfy pair of pajama pants. Thanks!
Damien happily modeling his new clothes. He insisted he wear the sunglasses to look “cool”.
Hot chocolate. This kid is so spoiled.
My pretty toenails!
I tried the gel polish on my fingernails and I love it. And three weeks later it still looks nice.
Damien didn’t feel like running around so he colored a Spider-Man picture for Grandma.
The WHOLE time we were there Mt Rainier was hidden by the clouds. This is the only pic I could get!
Family picture time! Damien took this one πŸ˜€
Grandma and I <3
All of us <3 <3 <3

Day 9 – The Adventure Home

We had quite the adventure getting home. It all started off great. We only had two flights and about a 2.5 hour layover in Chicago. We get to Chicago without any problems then it all starts when our flight home gets delayed a few times. We eventually board and try to leave before a storm comes in, but we can’t make it out. After waiting on the plane a while they finally had to cancel the flight because the crew couldn’t legally work anymore hours. We get hotel accommodations, food vouchers, and new flights, but don’t get to leave until after 5pm the following day AND we no longer have a direct flight so we have a short layover in New York. So we go to the hotel shuttles as instructed and wait around a while. At this point it’s around 11pm. No shuttle so I call the hotel and they inform me that their shuttle services have ceased for the evening. Grrr… Alright so we take an Uber the 30 min drive over to the hotel. And here is the bad part. The airline didn’t book us a room! And the hotel is full! Now we are 30 min away from the airport with no place to stay and we’re exhausted. We noticed a Motel 6 on the drive up so Scott went to see if they had any rooms left. They did! So we walked over in the rain and got a good night’s sleep. And other than the Motel 6 not providing shampoo to wash my gross hair and a full day waiting around the airport, the rest of the trip back went just fine. Damien was surprisingly well behaved. He was a little cranky at a couple of moments, but hey–we all were.

Getting up early at Grandma’s to head over to the SeaTac airport.
Back home again with Katrina. She missed me πŸ˜€
Damien showing off his new glow-in-the-dark Dinosaur shirt!

As I said in part 1–such an amazing trip! Thank you so much to Grandma and Tom. You both went out of your way to make us feel really special.

Washington State Trip – Part 1

I can’t believe we’ve already been home over three weeks! Back in July, we all ventured over to the Seattle area for a nice summer vacation to stay with my Grandma and her husband, Tom. It also completes our “Year of Washington” because we’ve now visited Washington, D.C. in April and now Washington state. It was a great trip! Great weather, great family, great time!

Day 1 – Travel Day

Zero issues getting from Virginia to Washington. We did arrive very late at night so it was straight to bed for us!

Damien was beyond excited for the trip πŸ˜€
Seattle city lights–we’re about to land!

Day 2 – Recuperation

After a long travel day, we spent Thursday relaxing.

The park right outside Grandma’s back door where Damien spent most evenings.
Grandma and I watching Damien play πŸ™‚
Tom and Damien playing soccer
GG and Damien all cuddled up <3
Grandma reading to Damien with Creeper lol


Day 3 – Seattle Exploration

Scott and Damien had never been to Washington before so we spent our Friday in Seattle. We tried to get into the Space Needle but they were all booked up until that evening. We opted to visit the water front and we all went up in the Ferris Wheel which worked out great since no one had done it before and it had a nice view of the city.

Scott and I at the Market. AMAZING food! Scott and I tried the best peach we’ve ever had in our lives.
Scenic View from the stairs
The famous Gum Wall which I guess has been cleaned recently.
While Scott and I explored the busy Market, Tom and Grandma took Damien to feed the seagulls which he seemed to enjoy.

The Ferris Wheel
View from up high
Tom and Damien looking around
View of the other side
Lovely people πŸ™‚
Scott and Damien
I had to make sure Damien got a picture with the Space Needle. It was the best I could do!
Damien took this picture. I like it!

Day 4 – McChord AFB and OutingΒ with Nicole

We took a driving tour of McChord which looked very nice…at least compared to Langley… That evening Scott and I went to dinner and the Gas Works Park with my cousin, Nicole. I don’t have any pictures of Nicole and I together because they’re on her phone πŸ™ Waiting for her to send them!

My margarita sampler at Bahama Breeze
After dinner we went to Gas Works Park in Seattle. None of us had been there before. It was really cool!
It was a very unique atmosphere. Very chill.
Scott and I <3
View of the city
View from Nicole’s car driving back
Damien had plenty of fun with Grandma and Tom πŸ™‚