Kindergarten is Over

It was the last week of Kindergarten and Damien will start Summer Camp on Monday. I feel the school year went the best I could have hoped for. Damien exceeded the academic benchmarks, but intermittently had issues with following directions. This week the Kindergarten classes invited the parents for an awards ceremony and so the students could present a bunch of work they’ve been creating all year. I was very happy that Scott came too. The students sang a bunch of songs (kind of boring if I’m being honest) and Damien wasn’t too enthusiastic so I didn’t bother posting them. I did however, LOVE when all the children gave their animal presentations. They each drew a different animal and stood up to tell the parents about them.  So cute!

Damien receiving his 4th Quarter certificate. He earned Star Student and perfect attendance for the whole school year!

Damien and his awesome elephant drawing 🙂
Damien is an author! He wrote a book called “Goosechase and the Horse” lol He read it to us too! I didn’t record it because I just wanted to be in the moment and enjoy it. 
Damien and I looking through his journals. So proud of him <3
Last day of Kindergarten, last day getting on the bus…

Summer’s Around the Corner

We’re already into June with just two more weeks of Kindergarten before summer break. I tried to see about getting Damien into an activity, but my search has come up empty. I tried to get him into private swim lessons, but the facility that would have worked for us disconnected private lessons because it was TOO popular…ugh! I found a program for boys  that does a combination of martial arts, parkour, street dance, etc. that sounded AWESOME, but it’s not in a good area and it would be an inconvenient drive to make anyways. Looks like we’ll just have to get creative this summer to keep Damien active.

I mentioned that Damien had a trophy ceremony after his last soccer game. We played a parents vs kids soccer game that was pretty fun. Damien gave Scott lots of compliments on his soccer skills lol. The coach handed out the trophies at the end and said a little bit about each player. I was curious what he would say about Damien since Damien could be…difficult… But he had “heart”. <3

Soccer Team Pic
Another soccer team pic

So happy 🙂
I have to put his trophy up high so he can’t keep messing with it

Damien had a short school day on the Friday before Memorial Day and it was a great day to make it over to the Splash Pad. He’s the one in the blue Avengers shorts. We had Robbie, Naomi, and Sarah over to BBQ on Saturday which worked out very well since it rained on Sunday and Monday.

Damien lost two more teeth since Mothers’ Day!! He lost the teeth to the right and left of his bottom front teeth.

I told Damien he looked like a Jack-o-Lantern lol
I was trying to show Damien how to take a selfie (as though I know what I’m doing) I thought he looked artsy haha
I put bubble bath in Damien’s water play set and brought it outside. Here’s some of that creative summer fun that I mentioned earlier!