30th Birthday and Other Happenings


2 front teeth
Damien lost another tooth on Mother’s Day!

The soccer season is officially over. Well, all the games are finished anyways. The last game was supposed to be this past Saturday, but was cancelled due to rain. We still have the trophy ceremony later this week. I’m undecided as to whether or not to register him in soccer again. We had a lot of ups and downs. Damien says he’s happy it’s over but that he wants to play again. We’ll see. Maybe we’ll try a different sport next time.

soccer game
End of game high fives
soccer team
The Langley Crush (missing one player). Damien was upset about something when the picture was taken…

This past weekend, Scott set up his old monitor and mac mini for Damien to use. He’s not using it anyways and it gives Damien a chance to try something new and learn to use a mouse and keyboard. He LOVES it.

First night on his first computer 🙂
Playing old school NES Mario

Yesterday was my 30th birthday. Scott and I got a babysitter and went to lunch and shopping. It was a great day 🙂

bday card
Damien’s birthday card for me <3
bday card with notes
I added labels on Damien’s card so you could get the full effect. Rashad is Damien’s friend from Kindergarten and currently his best friend.
birthday girl
Scott and I picked out a cake called “Chocolate Dream”. Oh, and I got new glasses–so much more comfy than my military issue pairs!
Soooooo good!


Happy Mothers’ Day!!!

After Damien’s soccer game on Saturday, we all went to the Norfolk Botanical Garden with Robbie, Naomi, and Sarah. Damien has been on a flower kick lately and the weather was FINALLY nice enough for us to venture out. High 60s and partly cloudy–so wonderful! It was also the last weekend to see the Lantern Asia displays. We pretty much celebrated Mothers’ Day on Saturday since all we managed to do today was grocery shopping and vacuuming out the cars. I did get to sleep in and pick tonight’s dinner so I’m not complaining 🙂

We FINALLY entered the garden area. Damien was so excited that he was actually a little bossy trying to rush us all along to see everything.
So many flowers to see!
The rose garden area
These are my favorite roses. I didn’t realize there were so many varieties!
Damien and me <3
Damien in front of the dragon display.
So pretty!!!
Watching the turtles swim
Entering the children’s play area
Sarah playing in the splash pad area
Damien racing Uncle Robbie and Sarah!
Giant Dragon
Pretty water display
Damien’s “you’re wasting time / I’m ready to move on” face
They had a really neat park–a giant sand hill!! Damien was upset when we had to leave.
Sarah joining in on the fun 🙂

Busy Spring Schedule

Here are a couple pictures I forgot to post from March:

Took a painting class at Wine & Design with Naomi 😀
Damien didn’t want to be in the picture, but insisted that Creeper was included. This was before our DC trip when the sunflowers were still looking healthy. They don’t look so great now…

The soccer season is going a little bit better. He’s participating more during practices, but he HATES to lose and will cry during games if his team isn’t winning. He’s already half way through the season. The video below is from the forth game. I was just randomly filming and when I saw that he scored a goal, I was so excited I laid the camera down so I missed his reaction and how happy he was. He’s jersey 2.

Damien with the ball in his sixth soccer game.
Post game
Scott and Damien playing Yoshi’s Wooly World after one of the Saturday soccer games. Damien likes to wear his jersey.

Damien has been doing well in school academically, but has started a trend where he’ll refuse to cooperate with various activities throughout the school day. Scott and I have been in contact with his Kindergarten teacher and we’re already seeing great progress. He has a really great teacher.

Damien received a certificate for “Perfect Attendance” and “Superstar Student” (for academics) for 3rd Quarter in Kindergarten. That’s my boy!
Damien won a free movie pass to Cinema Cafe from his teacher for earning “Superstar Student” so we took him that weekend to go see Zootopia and eat lunch. Here is Damien playing in the arcade area before the movie.