Happy Easter 2016

This is the third year in a row where the weather was rainy and dreary so we didn’t go to any of the Easter Egg Hunts. Damien was surprisingly okay with it so I guess he needed the downtime just as much as we did. Scott and I both seem to be trading off not feeling 100%. We did take Damien to a chiropractor on Saturday for a wellness check. I figure he’s incredibly active and doesn’t complain about aches and pains, but is moody so there may be something wrong. His hips were slightly misaligned and his back was a little tight. We’re going to take him back next Saturday to see how the adjustments helped and if anything else needs to be done. Later in the day on Saturday we went over to the Robbie and Naomi’s for Easter dinner. The lamb was DELICIOUS and we had a nice time.

Unrelated to Easter, but a few days ago the first of Damien’s sunflowers bloomed!
Our Easter basket to Sarah. Damien picked out the lollipop bouquet.
Damien and Sarah going through their Easter basket goodies. And one of their cats chowing down on some plastic grass lol
Damien’s Easter basket from Uncle Robbie and Aunt Naomi–so cute! And there’s a soccer ball too that got left in the car.
Damien’s Easter basket from us–Minions coloring book, finger lights, Peeps, bunny ball-popper, Minecraft figures, misshaped chocolate-bunny that spent a little too long in Scott’s car, and a new board game.  
So excited 😀 (This is probably around 6 this morning)
Playing the new board game. It wasn’t very fun.
He loved the ‘finger lights’ from his Easter basket. It’s a set of three led lights that you can wear on your fingers in red, blue, and green. He spent a lot of time dancing and singing. The video is just a small snapshot of the energy he exerted. 

Eventful March

Holy cow it’s been a busy month!

Scott and I have both lost about 10 lbs over the last six weeks. We’re not being very strict anymore with the Atkins diet, but we’ve made great improvements and still slowly losing weight.

Back in January Scott and I took Damien in for psychological testing to determine if there was anything else going on with Damien. Well we received the results of the evaluation at the end of February which was quite a surprise. I was expecting to see something like Oppositional Defiant Disorder, but it turns out that what we’ve been witnessing is actually Autism Spectrum Disorder Level 1 (aka Aspergers/high functioning). And the ADHD diagnosis from before still stands. So now that we know that, we can hopefully make more progress. He also had an IQ test done and overall scored “high average”.

Damien started his first sport in March–soccer! The first practice he LOVED, but the last couple he complains about going but then is perfectly fine once he gets out on the field. I think he is probably upset that it means he doesn’t get as much time at home to watch TV before his 7:15pm bedtime. But he needs his sleep!

It’s SUPER cold but he still had lots of fun with Coach Malcolm and his new soccer friends! He’s in the green coat. 

Much warmer the second practice. They’re paired up and practicing passing the ball back and forth. He’s in the orange shirt.

Last weekend, Robbie, Naomi, and Sarah came over to paint Easter eggs. Damien found some dye at the store to make GOLDEN Easter Eggs so he insisted we dye them earlier instead of waiting for Easter.

Scott making the egg “golden”
The finished product. I think they look awesome!
Just a typical Sunday…building a house for Creeper lol. And yes, Damien won’t leave the golden eggs alone…
This kid <3