New Year!

2016 is starting off great. Damien has been in a great mood which is a really nice contrast from all the attitude/acting up around Christmas. It makes time together as a family so much better. I’m also excited to be planning what’s coming up later this year. So far we’re planning a trip to Washington this summer and MAYBE a trip to Washington D.C. as well. I’m for the millionth time trying a new “diet” in an attempt to lose a little bit of weight. Something is bound to work, right? I’m optimistic!

Here is Damien enjoying his Christmas presents 🙂

The only place this would fit is our spare bedroom which was previously only being used as storage and tree growing.
He loves it 🙂 And it’s great when it’s too icky to go outside
My Grandma and I put animal decals on Damien’s wardrobe and dresser when he was 2. Well, they had started to peel so we updated to a Mario theme
Damien’s bathtime snowglobe! (it’s a weird angle as I was trying to converse his modesty)
And for a special surprise–Damien received a Ninja Turtles themed present from his Grandma Armstrong and his uncles and aunt. Thank you!
Damien has been a little bit obsessed with volcanoes to the point where he requests to watch YouTube videos of lava…Oh and if you noticed he wanted the Minecraft Nether lego set which has lava in it