Christmas 2015!

On Sunday Damien and I made sugar cookies. Scott and I didn’t have to work on Christmas week so we were getting in the holiday spirit!

Damien cutting out shapes. I think he quits on me in about 15 min…
I wishΒ I could say these were the results of a 5 year old. Nope, I frosted these all by myself lol
They were tasty though!

Christmas Eve was great. The temperature rose to a nice 79 degrees so we all went for a long walk. In the evening, Damien got to open one present.

Our lovely-smelling Christmas wreath thanks to Rob and Robin! We also got some tasty treats!
We had Damien open a gift from my parents so Scott could have time to put it together in peace.
We had to get one picture of the completed product before it was destroyed…
Damien turned off the lights so he could play in dark lol. The set lasted about 30 min before completely disassembled.
Check out the status of our spruce trees!
All prepped and ready for the morning. Katrina misses her spot under the tree πŸ™‚

On Christmas morning Damien woke us up at 5:15 in the morning ready to start opening gifts.

Still trying to wake up enough to start recording

For those who understandably don’t want to watch a 23 minute video of Damien opening presents, here is what he opened sorted by who. Scott and I picked out the gifts for whoever sent money.

From mom and dad: long-sleeved shirts, Star Wars Storm Trooper figure, Reindeer candy dispenser and chocolate coins, books, Mario wall stickers

From Grandma and Grandpa Hanks: Minecraft Legos (opened Christmas Eve), Plants vs Zombies figures and magnet set, Luigi’s Mansion 3DS game

From Great Grandma and Tom: Star Wars PJs, Frozen/Olaf bubble bath snow globe, 100-pc puzzle, mini-errupting volcano, rock discovery set

From Grandpa Whitehill: New Nintendo 3DS

From Great Grandma and Great Grandpa Whitehill: 3DS case, screen protector (already on device), and Smurfs 3DS game

From Grandma and Grandpa Milliken: A Snow and Sand Dragon making kit

From my mom’s friend Julie: Inflatable bouncy castle

Scott is using the money he received to help fund a snow-boarding trip in January and I’m not quite sure about mine yet–maybe some glasses (for reading) and clothes.

The finished product πŸ™‚ Thank you so much to everyone!
Playing with the Plants vs Zombies figures
Starting up the Nintendo 3DS for the first time
Trying out the Smurfs game!

After a little bit of relaxing and cooking, we all headed over to Robbie’s house for Christmas dinner.

Playing with his gift from his Uncle Robbie and Aunt Naomi! We also got $50 for a night out with babysitting–Thank you!
Comfy cats πŸ™‚ They stayed like this for most of the time we were over
After a delicious feast, we decorated homemade cookies courtesy of Naomi.
I’m sensing some annoyance with my picture taking…
Sarah opening up her presents from us.
Damien also got us all presents that he picked out from a Christmas market at school a couple weeks ago. We got to open them today. So cute! He also picked out fortune “cookie” rubber duckies for Uncle Robbie and Aunt Naomi and a pink ball for Sarah. I’m taking my pen to work with me <3
Damien all showered and ready for bed in his new Star Wars PJs.

Overall it was a great day. Tiring, but great πŸ˜€

Kindergarten Performance and Holiday Party

Yesterday was a busy day for us. I was able to leave work early to attend a Kindergarten performance at Damien’s school. The boys and girls each took turns in groups of 2-4 to sing nursery rhymes. The other two kids in Damien’s group couldn’t make it and he had a little solo! I was so proud of him! <3 He walked right out there and began so quicklyΒ that I almost didn’t hit record in time!

K performance
Damien is on the far right/middle standing next to his Kindergarten teacher

Last night was Scott’s squadron holiday party. It was exciting because Scott helped plan and put it together. It was on a Spirit of Norfolk ship that cruised around for a few hours. I only took one pic. Everything went well.

holiday party 2015
On the top deck

And lastly, I have to mention our tree growing project. We bought three of those $1 Spruce/Christmas tree sets so we could each grow our own Christmas trees. I can’t remember how long ago we started, but this picture is from yesterday, I think. If you’re wondering why Scott’s pot is empty it’s because a few days into starting, Katrina knocked his pot off the window sill. Scott is sad, but he will just take one of my many awesome Spruce trees when they get a little bigger. Damien has a couple seeds sprouting too, but it’s still the early stages.

I think I’m winning πŸ˜€

Cosmic Bowling

Last Saturday we took Damien bowling for the first time. The Langley Bowling Alley had cosmic bowling with a appearance from Santa! Damien really liked it so we can add that to the list of indoor activities we can do together.

Scott’s turn!
Waiting for the ball to slllooowwwlllyyy make it down
Using the dino ramp
Damien with his ball πŸ™‚
Look who showed up at the bowling alley!
Damien talking Santa’s ear off…

And speaking of Santa…

Katrina’s new favorite spot in the house πŸ™‚

Decorating for Christmas

Damien and I were so excited to decorate the house for Christmas. I like to get it done right away so I have more time to enjoy it. We decided on a small tree to save space. Someday we’ll have a place big enough for a HUGE tree!

Damien found our tree this year! He’s so proud of himself πŸ™‚
He was very hands-on with the ornaments.
Mr. Damien eating a candy cane after all his hard work

Bluebird Gap Farm

The day after Thanksgiving, we got together with Robbie, Naomi, and Sarah to visit the Bluebird Gap Farm in Hampton because the weather was so awesome. And now we know a great place to get hot dogs–yum!

Feeding the animals
Relaxing cows πŸ™‚
This llama was INSATIABLE!
Goats to the left…Emu to the right
A deer with his good friend the turkey…which we just ate the day before lol
Damien looking for animals to feed
Talking to a chicken…
Sarah and company looking at the chickens
The turtles
And the geese and ducks
Damien being goofy. He tries to make Sarah laugh πŸ˜€