Kindergarten Review

I’m happy to report that Damien LOVES going to Kindergarten! He’s excited to get up in the morning and doesn’t want to leave when we pick him up. I asked this morning if he likes his teacher and he said she’s “great”! I know it’s only been three days, but it makes me so very happy. <3

All ready for the first day of Kindergarten!
Walking to the bus stop
Waiting excitedly for the bus!
He was so excited to get on the bus that he didn’t even say good-bye or give us hugs. He did wave to us and said bye through the window once he was in his seat.

And because she’s so darn cute, here’s a recent picture of Katrina!

She’s started to lay on the network equipment (routers and such) because they produce heat…

So Long Preschool

On Thursday we went to the elementary school’s open house to meet Damien’s Kindergarten teacher and see his classroom.¬†Since the school is located in Hampton, it already has a bad reputation, but I did feel comfortable with his teacher so I’m trying to be optimistic. After all the milestones we’ve been through, this one is the hardest for me. I know he’ll do well academically. He’s so bright and curious. It just feels like the first step towards growing up and I’m scared.

Sitting at his KINDERGARTEN desk!
His new backpack! Courtesy of Grammy and Grampy Milliken for his birthday. It looks just like Scott’s!

Thank you Rob and Robin for the backpack! And I also need to thank his Great Grandma Smith and Great Grammy Whitehill for the money they sent. We can’t think of anything he needs at the moment, but we’ll find something good to do with it.

In other news–Robbie, Naomi, and Sarah came over for dinner tonight. I think it’s been about 7 years since Scott and Robbie have seen each other so it was really awesome. Damien seems uncertain about Sarah, but they’re SO cute when they interact together.

Happy 5th Birthday, Damien

Today is Damien’s official birthday. Since he already had an awesome birthday party, we kept it pretty simple.

About to crush Oreos for his “dirt” cake.
Not sure that this is the most effective method, but I’ll give him an A for effort.

We had Damien open this gift first so he could play with it while dinner was cooking.
He LOVES watching the marbles
After dinner–time to try the dirt cake! He was very excited.

He opened the last of his presents before shower time. He LOVED everything! Thanks Grandma and Grandpa Hanks!