Damien’s 5th Birthday Party and Scott’s Reenlistment

We decided this year that Damien was old enough to appreciate a birthday party so we booked a party room at the Bounce House in Williamsburg. It turned out to be a very great day. We invited Damien’s preschool class, but only three could make it: Finley, Trent, and Izzy (wasn’t there until cake-time). Also in attendance was Jayden whose mom I work with and Damien’s Aunt Naomi and 10-month old cousin Sarah who just moved here earlier this week. Jumping mixed with pizza, cake, and presents–how could it get any better?!

Damien and Finley running around. I’m sure Trent is somewhere close by. Those three played hard the whole time!
Scott finally got Damien to stop long enough for a picture.
After about an hour of jumping, it’s time for pizza with Jayden, Trent, Damien, Finley, and baby Sarah!
Damien picked Angry Birds as the theme.
Blowing out the candles

Trent and Damien eating cake. It was REALLY good cake.
The boys playing with the mylar balloons

After our time was up in the party room, the kids had more fun in the play area.
Driving home 🙂
Refreshed after his nap
Shooting everything with his new bow and arrow
Trying out the remote-controlled cars

And in other news: Yesterday Scott reenlisted at his squadron BBQ. Another step towards retirement!


Damien Got Glasses

We found out this month that Damien needs glasses. He said he couldn’t see the eye chart when I took him in for his school physical for Kindergarten. So we took him to an optometrist and it turns out that he has astigmatism both near and far-sighted AND he’s far-sighted. In short, everything is blurry. To allow his eyes to adjust and avoid potential headaches, we are starting out with a half-prescription and we go back next month for another exam and to get his full prescription. So far everything has gone better than expected. He’s very good about keeping them on his face and they don’t fall off. Neither Scott or I wear glasses so this is new to us too!

Getting dinner at the food court right after picking up his glasses. He likes them!
Playing with Katrina
Damien is complex… lol
This is a first! Damien has NEVER allowed Katrina to sit on his lap before. Katrina really loves this blanket too so I guess she figured it was worth a shot.
Too cute! 😀


Damien’s Preschool Graduation

Damien’s preschool graduation was yesterday. Not sure why it wasn’t closer to when the school year starts in three weeks, but oh well.

Damien and his classmates sang three songs and then stood up and showed everyone a picture they drew and told us what they wanted to be when they grew up. I was very proud of Damien because he was so confident in his performances. Right before one of the songs, he smiled, waved at me in the audience and said “I love you, mama”. What a sweetie! <3

Damien’s picture 🙂

Next the boys and girls received this graduation certificates and a small gift. Notice how Damien doesn’t even wait for his name to be called lol.

This kid was OBSESSED with this cake. First in line to go see it lol (his name is on it too, but the camera angle doesn’t really show it)
Savoring his cake 🙂
My boy is ready for Kindergarten!

Kitty Tower and Splash Pad

We’ve had Katrina for almost two years now and we finally realized that she might like one of those tall cat trees so she can sit up high and look down upon us.

Barely got it in the front door and she’s already using it
Trying it out 🙂
She LOVES it! She hangs out up there all the time now.

Yesterday we took Damien to the base housing Splash Pad again. The first time we went earlier in the summer but Damien was too cold so we didn’t stay long. Yesterday reached the 90s so it was a nice day for some water play.

Jumping through the streams
I wish I had his energy 🙂