Last week it was pretty hot so we loaded Damien up with the water play essentials: Avengers swim trucks (check), water shoes (check), sprinkler (check), and foam nunchakus (double check). This week has been super stormy, but I have no doubt we’ll be outside again soon.

Having fun 🙂


Scott grilling us some hot dogs — yum!

Damien lost his second tooth last night. It was loose for the last few days and he was reluctant to wiggle it too much. I finally convinced him to let me try to get it out and he’s now super happy because he says it feels much better.

Damien this morning with his $5 from the tooth fairy.
Awesome Hulk balloon from preschool yesterday!

In unrelated news, I started a new job on Monday. I think I’m going to like it. And Scott started lifting weights with his coworker friends in the morning. That’s all for now!