The Tooth Fairy and the Children’s Museum

Scott and I took leave Wed-Fri this week to celebrate our 10 year anniversary and go shopping for our upcoming cruise next month. On Thursday after preschool, Damien was contently eating his golden delicious apple that he had hand-selected from the grocery store. He started to complain that his gums were hurting. Upon closer inspection, a tooth was loose! Damien was so distraught and crying that the apple broke his tooth. It took a while for Scott and I to calm him down. The next morning he was finally ready for it to come out and it didn’t take much wiggling on my part for the tooth to come right out–yay! I didn’t even know they started to fall out this early. It was a crazy day!

Early Friday morning–the tooth is finally out!
Showing me the vacancy
Damien’s tooth all ready for the tooth fairy. I forgot all about it and slept in this morning so I didn’t get to see Damien’s reaction. Scott said Damien was happy to get $5 🙂

Today Scott and I took Damien to the Children’s Museum in Portsmouth. I’d been wanting to go for a while because it seemed like something Damien would really enjoy. While it was cool, it wasn’t as hands-on as I was hoping. It’s not something we’ll probably do again, but it was still a nice day.

The train room


Putting out a fire
Shopping at the grocery store
Counting money at the bank
Moving shipping containers at the dock
Sailing the ship in his life vest
Fishing 🙂
By far the coolest room was the bubble room.
Damien making a huge bubble

So many bubbles!
Building stuff with magnet toys
A pulley chair
Not sure what you’d call this. Balls move around in the tubes.
Air is being pushed out of the top of the cone and keeping the ball suspended above it
I forget what these are called.
Making rain
FInishing up in the nature room



Happy Easter!

We had a pretty good Easter this year. We were supposed to do an Easter Egg Hunt, but it got rescheduled and by that time it just wasn’t convenient for us to go. I don’t think Damien missed out on too much though.

Frozen yogurt
He’s so excited to dye the Easter eggs!
Nice and easy
Slow and steady
Yay, we’re done!
The Easter morning basket inspection–Oh look, a chocolate bunny!
And Easter eggs!
with candy and stickers inside 🙂
Time to decorate the eggs!
Silly Damien with his monster egg
Decorating his second egg
This is as far as we got before Damien had enough
Damien’s money jar! Thanks, Great Grandma Smith! He says he’s saving up for the Lego City game lol. 



Eventful Day

Two pretty significant things happened today.

Damien was suspended from preschool for two days. He’s not allowed back until Monday. A couple weeks ago he punched another boy in the face and we were told at that time that if something else on that level happened again that this would happen. Well, today he threw another boy down into a toy shelf unprovoked. It would be one thing if he was just disruptive or defiant, but he’s hurting the other children so I do understand the consequence. I had to take leave from work in order to stay home with him. It appears as though the medication that we’re currently trying has no affect on his impulsive nature. I’m feeling pretty helpless at the moment. Tomorrow is a new day and I can focus on it better then. This kind of relates to the second bit of news. Today I found a new home for Blue. We made the decision about a week ago that under the circumstances that the dog was bad timing and he would be better off with a different family. Scott and I need to focus our efforts on Damien and his needs and a puppy added unneeded stress. Plus, Damien is just too young for a dog. So I’m excited because I found a family who seems like a good fit and they picked him up this afternoon. I think we’re all a little sad, but I truly feel it was the best decision and we gave it an honest effort for three months.

Damien spending his last day with Blue
We’ll miss you!


On a happier note, last weekend we all went to the Bounce House in Williamsburg to let Damien have some fun 🙂

The only picture of his smiling face I could get…and only because I begged him to be still for a moment to get a picture!
Busy climbing pirate ships!
And sliding down slides!
And bouncing all over the place!!!
And then we ate delicious pancakes for lunch. Fork for scale. 😀