New Year

Just wanted to catch everyone up on what’s been going on. It’s been a busy week since Scott and I are back at work and with our new puppy, Blue. It hasn’t been the easiest dealing with both Blue and Damien at the same time. Damien still doesn’t understand how he’s supposed to play with the puppy so they require constant supervision while together. Damien was diagnosed with ADHD back in December so we’ve started behavioral therapy with the aid of medication. It’s a slow process, but something we feel is very necessary to deal with now so it doesn’t escalate into a bigger issue later. We thought a dog would help Damien have a companion, but so far it’s been quite stressful on everyone. Since we’re in the early stages of therapy with Damien, he’s still having issues with impulsivity. The dog was probably a bit too soon, but we feel in a few months it’ll calm down again. Luckily, Blue is a calm for a puppy.

One of Damien’s favorite Christmas presents–kinetic sand!
We have fun playing with it too 🙂


Lazy Sunday lol (a week ago)

Damien putting toys on the sleepy pup *sigh*
I take Blue on daily walks. On the weekends Damien gets to go too! These two LOVE the outdoors!

BLUE BLUE! as Damien calls him sometimes