Christmas 2014

Merry Christmas, Everyone! It’s almost the end of another year. This was an extremely busy year for us and I can’t wait to see what happens next.

Scott’s in the holiday spirit!
Selfies with the Santa hats (per Damien’s request)
Ho Ho Ho!

Damien opened up all his presents on Christmas Eve so he could have more time to play with them and so we could wait until Christmas Day for the BIG SURPRISE.

Now it’s time to get all these boxes open and play!
This toy ended up being a mistake. Too loud!
Blue and I watching Damien play with his new toys.

Then we needed a nap!

Damien did get TONS for gifts that were opened at different times throughout the day and I’m slacking and didn’t get pics. He got a pretend doctor set, the game Don’t Break the Ice (which we played Christmas Day a few times), a cash register, and some cool bath toy building blocks from my parents. He absolutely LOVED the bath blocks. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him get undressed and in the tub so fast! We also got activity books, puzzles, and delicious treats from Rob’s Recipes! Plus Damien got a bunch of stuff when we visited Maine last month.

Bath time with blocks 🙂

On Christmas Day, Damien got the BIG gift–a Wii U and a few games. He was very excited, but he also gets SOOOOOO frustrated when he can’t do something right away. It won’t be long though before he’s playing like a pro.

Focused with the Wii U pad.

Then we decorated Gingerbread-men!

Putting on the candies
So proud of himself! Then he ate the legs off lol
Scott’s creation
My Gingerbread-business man. That’s supposed to be a tie…

Thank you to everyone who contributed to our wonderful Christmas this year. Damien’s so spoiled!

New Family Member–Meet Blue!

On Monday, we brought home a tri-color Miniature Australian Shepherd! He’s only three months old (around 7 lbs) and we named him Blue. So far, he’s been a very good puppy so I think he’ll make a great addition to the family. Damien was a little bit nervous around him at first, but we’ve been teaching Damien how to interact with a puppy and they seem to be getting along great. Katrina, our cat, on the other hand is not too pleased. At least she can escape with ease and has plenty of places in the house to be left alone.

So far Blue is pretty calm for a puppy. He seldom barks and only whines a little bit. He has bursts of energy and then sleeps the rest of the time. Plus he’s ADORABLE!

First pic of our Blue!
Out for a walk. Who knows what Scott’s thinking lol
Since it’s been raining all week, Damien loves to go outside with the dog and play around in the puddles in his rain boots.

He likes to be near us 🙂 Hanging with me in the kitchen

Preschool Holiday Party

Today Damien’s preschool class had a holiday party and invited the parents. The kids got to make crafts and have a sugary treat. It was a little bit chaotic, but I did like  seeing Damien at preschool with his friends. His best friend is Joey lol.

Making me a necklace 🙂

Snack time!
Time to go home. He’s showing off his Mario backpack.

Minus wrapping some presents, we’re all ready for Christmas! We didn’t put up our tree this year due to space issues, but still decorated a little.

A couple days after getting home from Maine

Holiday Party at the Great Wolf Lodge

This year Scott’s holiday party was held at the Great Wolf Lodge in Williamsburg. It’s about a 45 min drive from our house and we decided to get a room for the evening so we could also have time to enjoy the hotel’s indoor waterpark and other activities.

Just arriving to our room
The festive lobby
One of the activities is a MagiQuest game where you use a wand around the hallways of the hotel to complete quests. Pretty neat.
Scott and I at the holiday party–all dressed up!
One of the games was to decorate someone from your table as a Christmas tree using aluminum foil and wrapping paper. Our table won and we got to eat first!
After the holiday party–Damien and I taking selfies. Damien got a candy cane from Santa.
Relaxing before bedtime
Saturday morning and getting ready for the waterpark! I asked Damien for a picture in his swimsuit and this is what he did 😀
We didn’t take a camera/phone to the waterpark, but here’s a picture. This is just PART of it! Damien didn’t like anything that involved water on his head, but otherwise had an amazing time.
After the waterpark and showers, we hit up the arcade.
Vroom vroom!
Getting ready to leave after lunch
Damien on the ride home 🙂 So tired!

The Great Wolf Lodge was a great mini-vacation! My only complaints were that there was a lot of noise from the hallway when inside your room…which I guess was only an issue when trying to sleep. You could hear a lot of running and talking. Secondly, the waterpark was actually a little bit chilly. Both the water and the air temperature were a little too cold for my comfort. Overall though–awesome trip and we didn’t even do all the actitvities. Now I think it’s time for a nap…

Thanksgiving in Maine!

We just spent Thanksgiving week in Maine with Scott’s family and had a great time! We decided to drive the 14-15 hour trip during the night to avoid traffic and so that Damien could sleep through it. It worked out very well this way because we completely avoided the New York traffic and Damien slept and was in a great mood both ways.

Just arrived in Maine on Monday and settling in after the long drive

We spent some time on Tuesday in Freeport to shop at L.L. Bean.

This is actually at the Freeport Grill. I think more restaurants/shopping areas should have playground equipment. This is how we spent our time waiting for our delicious food!
Scott got the lobster roll and I had fish&chips (Haddock). So yummy!
Sweet aquarium viewing dome at L.L. Bean
This was the only time Damien was calm during our shopping trip. He loved watching the indoor pond.
Damien and I in Freeport. I can’t wait for Christmas!

On Wednesday, it began snowing. I believe when it finally finished we got about 6 inches. Damien had the best time sledding, throwing snowballs, and rolling around in the snow. We spent Thanksgiving at Rob and Robin’s enjoying all the Thanksgiving fixin’s. Scott ate too much and Damien made snow angels lol.

Watching from the warm house 🙂

Warming up next to the wood stove after fun in the snow

Friday we got to spend some much overdue time with Scott’s brothers and sister. They haven’t been all together at one time since 2005! It was also our first time meeting Reagan and she is such a happy baby! Damien seemed disinterested in meeting his cousin, but definitely noticed when she was out of sight and asked where the baby was. Thanks to Jenn for dinner and getting us all together. Such a wonderful time!

uncle kendall
Stolen from Jenn’s Facebook page. OMG Kendall and Damien cracked me up with their hilarious conversations.
The Whitehill siblings with Reagan and Damien
Just to give an idea of how long it’s been since there’s been a picture with the four of them together–this was taken back in 2005!
From left: Mackenzie, me, Jenn, Scott, Kendall with baby Reagan, Danielle, and of course Damien in front

Saturday we spent some time with Janet and Rick, but I’m a dummy and I didn’t get ANY pictures! I’m so mad at myself. Thank you for having us over and for the gifts.

Sunday was our last day in Maine. We had lunch at Reunion Station with Kendall Sr’s side of the family.

reunion station
Thank you Kendall Sr for the presents! Damien loves them 🙂
Kendall Sr, Damien, and Scott
Playing around 🙂
I snuck this picture lol. Thank you for lunch Grammy and Grampy Whitehill!

The rest of Sunday was packing, relaxing, and Scott napping so he could drive us back.

Damien playing with his new ninja turtles. 
Last supper and one of my favorite dishes.
Rob, Scott, Damien, and Robin 😀
And what’s the importance of this picture? Damien took it! Not too bad for a first try!
Robin made sure we had delicious treats to take home with us <3

Great trip! Thank you everyone for coming to see us. Thank you Rob and Robin for all the delicious treats and giving us a place to stay. I think Scott wants to move back lol.