Disney on Ice – Frozen

Scott, Damien and I went to see Disney’s Frozen at the Hampton Coliseum. We all had a good time. My only real complaint is that our seats didn’t have a very good view which I didn’t know when I bought our tickets. Even though we were in the front row, we were off to the side where most of the action happened at the other end of the oval. Oh well. It was still an entertaining show.

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Busy September and Scott’s New Ride

It’s been a busy month, but I’m finally making the time to give everyone an update.

Painting with his new paint set.
Thanks Rob and Robin for the legos!
Damien’s haircut did not go as planned…
They’re twins! (Damien is eating his favorite snack–fruit snacks.)
Bath time! Still getting used to the new look.
Damien was so excited to see me after PT!!! He loves me 😀 (Disregard the background)

The exciting news is that Scott got a car–a black 2015 VW Golf TSI. He loves it. I still love my red Jetta so I think it’s safe to say we are Volkswagen people.

Side/back. Oh and there’s my awesome Jetta too 🙂
The inside. The cable is from his dash cam.

To the Beach!

Today Scott and I took Damien to a photo studio to have his 4-year photos taken. We went to the same place as last year since I had such a good experience, but this year we didn’t like the photographer and Damien wasn’t listening to any of the instructions and just being difficult. I was pretty upset at the time thinking I wasn’t going to get any good pics, but it all worked out in the end 🙂

Later in the day, we went over to Huntington Park to play at the park and visit their beach. Damien LOVES the beach. I swear he could spend all day, everyday there. Good times 🙂

Swinging in the shade since it was about 93 degrees F!
Digging a very deep hole.
Cooling off in the water.

More Birthday Fun

Damien’s Great Grandma and Tom sent us Spiderman and Ninja Turtle sheets for his birthday! Damien was so excited when they came in the mail and couldn’t wait to get them washed up and on his bed. Damien likes to sleep with Rainbow Dash from My Little Pony and Mario at night as you’ll see in the video below. Damien had been referring to Mario as Mark which Scott and I think is hilarious. He’ll be like “where’s Mark?” LOL

So happy!

I asked Damien to show me what sleeping looks like…this is what he did 🙂

Happy 4th Birthday, Damien!!!

Scott finally arrived late Friday night after two delayed flights and a 22 hour layover. We decided to celebrate Damien’s birthday together on Sunday so that he could have a little bit of time during the Labor Day weekend to play with this new toys, even though today is his actual birthday. My baby is 4 years old!

Damien picked out his candle and his cupcake. He packed this candle around with him all day…
Mike the Knight playset

Water play!
Damien picked out a double chocolate cupcake, of course!
Scott picked out an Oreo cake which was super good too.

Damien has spent a lot of time playing with his new toys! Not pictured was a paintset which we haven’t opened yet, children’s scissors for a future art project and a squishy tomato which is already in the garbage. It’s not much, but we’re also going to Disney on Ice at the end of the month. Thank you Grandma and Grandpa Hanks! Damien LOVES his new toys!

Pizza buffet lunch at CiCis