Napoleon Dance

I was watching Napoleon Dynamite on the TV yesterday while Damien was playing with his train set. During the scene where Napoleon is performing for his school, Damien gets up and starts dancing!¬†He cracks me up sometimes. Oh, and this is currently his favorite shirt. It’s the tye-dye shirt he made in daycare a while back.

And while yesterday was a good day, today was not. Damien seems to be having a lot of meltdowns lately (within the last month or so). It doesn’t take much for him to either be screaming or in tears. I wish I knew what he was thinking or feeling.


The Countdown Has Begun

I’m sure everyone already knows this from Facebook, but Scott is getting here on 28 Aug!!! He’s been busy outprocessing. The movers are picking up his household items next week. Damien and I have an official countdown…well I guess if counting the days on the calendar each day is official…Time is moving so slowly!

In other news, Damien’s birthday is coming up. I got Scott, Damien and myself front row tickets to go see Disney on Ice – Frozen at the end of Sep. I really loved that movie and I hope Damien enjoys it. It’ll be a good test to see how well he’ll do in public at an event where we need to be seated.

I wish I could remember all the entertaining¬†things Damien says and does throughout the day. That reminds me, since he’s transitioning to the 4-5 year old room at daycare, I got an update on his progress on Friday. In the older kid room, there are more rules and expectations. He struggled at first, but now he’s doing great with following the new rules. The only area that needs improvement is his social skills. They gave me an example of a time where he asked a girl if he could play with her. Nice, right? Well when she says yes, he knocks over all the blocks and ruined everything she built. Of course her reaction was “why did you do that?!” I just don’t think he understands how much his actions affect others because he’s too busy with his own agenda. I think hanging out with the older kids will be great for him because they’re not going to put up with him bossing them around or acting up. Life lesson–if you’re too demanding then no one will want to be your friend!

Trying to entertain himself.
I built Damien a fort today…which he destroyed within 5 minutes…